Share Your Ideas for the Weekly & Monthly Fan Art Challenge

Hello, @DCFanArtClub !

Have an idea for a weekly or monthly prompt? I’d love to hear your ideas! I will keep this thread open indefinitely, so please bookmark and/or visit often.

Few key details from DCU’s Terms of Service to keep in mind:

  • No costume redesigns
  • No mashups (for example, no speedster costume for Nightwing)
  • No references to politics, religion, brands or pop culture not owned by DC
  • No comic panels that constitute a new storyline

If needed, you can find the full Terms of Service here.


Just to note – I know many of you have tagged or messaged me in the past, but the suggestions are all over the place and I’ve started to lose track. :sweat_drops:

If you ever had a prompt idea that the group didn’t use, please share it again below. Thank you!


Flash 80 anniversery is in July, Also if you make it a monthly challenge I call Wally rebirth


Shoot… I didn’t realize that and have already lined up July’s stuff. Let me see what I can do. Thank you for letting me know!


No problemo @CynicalPink


It was more recently, but I’ll suggest it here too. Using a random DC character generator to pick 2 (3 for a challenge) characters to draw into a brave and the bold type meeting.


I was hoping you would spot this. Thank you for putting it here as well!

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Characters as teenagers.
Injustice costumes.
Favorite ships.

1:15pm 6/27/2020


My immediate thought was a ‘toe-the-line’ prompt where you don’t break the rules, but you toe the line like you can’t mashup characters, but you can draw the mash up characters DC did in Batman/Superman #60:

Screen Shot 2020-06-27 at 1.14.47 PM

Or drawing really obscure costumes that characters have had over the years.

Obviously, this is probably a bad idea, but when I read “no mashups” that’s what I immediately thought of.


I love that idea


Thank you!

1:27pm 6/27/2020

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I think it would be cool to do like what we had this month, the team challenge and the genre/character assignment but as two separate challenges. So an individual genre/character assigned challenge. And a free choice team challenge.


(I went ahead and found a generator that I think might work… you change the quantity to 2 (or 3) and it seems to have a good amount of characters on it so that we won’t get that many repeats with artists doing the same ones.

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Oh man. You asked for it. Here goes my noggin…

‘Flip the script’ - draw a hero in need of rescuing

‘Always in costume’ - draw a character in their costume doing something mundane

On board with @cici - Love the team challenge idea again

Construct/shapeshifter - random prompts for a lantern or a shapeshifter to inspire what they create (a metamorpho hammer?, Kyle Rayner letting chinese lanterns go at a wedding?)

Everyday heroism - draw a character helping old ladies across the street, adopting a rescue animal, buying a non brand name electric car, cleaning a highway, etc.


Pitch: DC Fan Grrl International
A weekly spotlight on Women’s Voice in DC Comics. Both audience and creators share their love of all things DC Universe.

I have a logo for it.


Oooh I am so here for heros doing the mundane :pray::pray::pray:


Fan art for a specific show or cartoon? It could be in one’s own style or the show’s, for example one week Super Friends and another week Teen Titans. It could also be a screenshot redraw of them.


A few ideas I had while working today:

  • Favorite Hero vs favorite villain or villains
  • Favorite hero or villains gallery (as many or few as you want)
  • Heroes or villains in unlikely scenes (Batman @ a birthday party or the Flash watching Golf)

You guys are awesome- keep them coming! Just to note, I’ve got July already laid out (and I did make room for flash, thanks to @TheRealDetectiveChimp), but I’ll be sure to put these into action starting in August!


I just had another idea while replying in another area! Heroes or villains in full on Anime Mode? Would that be allowed as long as we keep them in current or past uniforms?