Share your DC Inspired AI Generated Art


I strongly believe that AI art shouldn’t have a place on this board. It’s disrespectful to artists, on whose work the comic book community is built, and I find its encroaching ubiquity disturbing. Allowances for it feel like the beginning of a dangerous slope into anti-art sentimentality, particularly as these engines are built on plagiarized work.


Hey everyone! :wave: Just a heads up to anyone curious, I’m closing this topic due to concerns regarding our fan art policies on this forum. If you’d like to read more about this, please see Fan Art Update .

Specifically, #5 of our Fan Art rule states “All elements of the Fan Art must be 100% originally drawn or illustrated by you. No repurposing, editing, or altering existing artwork.”

Thank you to everyone for understanding. Feel free to DM the moderators if you have any questions at all!