Seventh Shazam Member

Warning: This post contains spoilers for the current run of “Shazam!”

So, according to DC’s solicits (and the cover for Issue 10), in January the Shazam family will be getting a new, seventh member. As of this post, the name and identity of Member 7 remains unknown. So, just for fun, here are my top 5 suspects, in order from least likely to most:

ZAZZO: An obscure villain and interdimensional imp who decides to mess with Billy (so, Mxy, basically), Zazzo eventually transformed himself into Zazzo Plus, a Shazam/Captain Marvel doppelganger with an inverted color scheme. Pros–Member 7 has the same inverted color scheme as Zazzo. Cons–Zazzo is too obscure and this run (currently) has nothing to do with interdimensional imps.

LEVRAM NIATPAC: Originally from the Golden Age (but briefly revived during the “Billy Batson and the Magic of Shazam” series), Levram Niatpac was an evil doppelganger created by a magic mirror (his name, colors, and personality are literally in reverse). Pros–Like Zazzo, Levram has a similar color scheme to Member 7, and Johns DID introduce the concept of magic mirrors back in the New 52. Cons–Again, like Zazzo, the similar color scheme is the ONLY clue that it could be Levram.

UNCLE DUDLEY: Uncle Dudley is a longtime supporting character who has yet to be reintroduced to continuity post-New 52. Originally, Dudley was just a bumbling (but kind) con man who pretended to be a superhero named “Uncle Marvel.” Could Johns be bringing Dudley back, but with actual powers this time? Pros–He’s a part of the mythology that’s been missing for a while, he kinda has an established identity, Member 7 definitely looks older than everyone else, and restoring old characters/concepts in new ways fits right in Johns’ wheelhouse. Cons–Member 7 appears in 3 issues, and with so many other plot threads to juggle, introducing a new (if familiar) character and turning him into a hero seems a bit much.

BILLY’S DAD–This SEEMS like the most likely candidate…which is why I’m only sticking him in the #2 slot. Introduced all the way back in Issue 1, Billy’s dad has re-entered his life. Could Billy decide to celebrate by letting his dad in on the big secret? Pros–He’s been a part of the current run since the beginning, Member 7 and Shazam DO have similar faces, and he’s got the “family” connection. Cons–He just seems TOO obvious a choice, and I feel like there’s a bigger twist coming. Speaking of which…

THE ORIGINAL CAPTAIN MARVEL: Okay, so Issue 7 ended with Billy in the Darklands…and a tombstone that read “HERE LIES CAPTAIN MARVEL.” The teaser for Issue 8? Shazam Meets Captain Marvel! Pros–Member 7 has white temples, EXACTLY like the Earth-2 Superman, who was also the ORIGINAL Supes, and that feels like a pretty deliberate choice on the artist. There’s also the similar faces, and Member 7’s wristbands DO resemble the ones worn by the Original Captain Marvel. Cons–Really, this all depends on what happens in Issue 8. There’s no telling WHAT Johns has planned for the promised encounter or what form Captain Marvel will take.

Anyway, those are just my thoughts. Yours?

Update: Well, looks like they went with the most obvious candidate after all (assuming everything is on the up and up and there isn’t another twist coming)

That was a pretty good 8th comic. I did not see him becoming the 7th until we got to me the person (avoiding spoilers) in the Darklands.