Seven Soldiers of Victory: A Multiverse Story

Hello DC Universe! Lately I’ve been coming up with ideas for a spin on the Seven Soldiers of Victory for a massive Fanfiction series I’m working on, and wanted your guys and gals opinion on who you think should be on this Seven Soldiers of Victory. I’m reading Grant Morrison’s SSOV and DC Rebirth’s JLDark for research.

Guaranteed Members
Kalroian The Witch Boy
John Constantine

Blue Devil

Hm, well, thinking of the original Seven Soldiers, I’ve always liked the original '40s cowboy Vigilante (as opposed to the Marv Wolfman-style line of wetsuit-wearing Punisher knockoffs), and nobody ever seems to use him, so maybe him or a legacy character with the same Western theme?

I’ve made my love of John Constantine clear on a number of threads, but he’d probably be cool. Personally I love obscure characters, but my knowledge is mostly relegated to villains, so I can’t really give you any hero recommendations in that field. Maybe Tim Hunter from Books of Magic could be cool?