Seven Sins for Seven Villains

If each of the Seven Sins from Shazam! inhabited a different supervillain, who would they be?

My choices:

Gluttony — Parasite
Lust — Doctor Psycho
Greed — Larfleeze
Pride — Vandal Savage
Wrath — Atrocitus
Sloth — The Turtle
Envy — Lex Luthor

Can you think of some better fits?


Darkseid could qualify for both Wrath & Greed. Buut I like your list so lets stick with it.

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Darkseid can’t be defined by one sin. Darkseid is.

(But thanks! :blush:)


Savage certainly fits pride but if you’re going to include two of the three evil lantern leaders might as well go for three and replace him with Sinestro.

Gluttony: Parasite’s a good choice. At the moment, I can’t really think of another one.

Lust: Psycho’s a solid choice. Maybe Star Sapphire when she’s in crazy forehead-gem mode. Depending on how the sins work, Zeus actually may be the best candidate.

Greed: I always sort of assumed that the sins were limited to Earth (and there might be equivalent beings on other worlds, but they seem so obviously derived from human mythology), so for the sake of argument, I’ll actually put Vandal Savage here. He wants to take over the world. How much greedier do you get (unless you’re Larfleeze)? I’ll also throw Parallax!Hal Jordan out there. He blew up the Green Lantern Corps for not giving him what he wanted. Now, you can’t blame him for being grief-stricken and trying to rebuild Coast City, but it was unreasonable to take out his anger on the Corps for stopping him. That said, I don’t think it makes much sense for him to be possessed by two demon monsters at once.

Pride: Grodd believes himself superior to all of humanity. I think he’s a pretty good fit for pride. Alternatively, there’s the retcon that Raven is an embodiment of pride (which actually doesn’t fit her original characterization all that well), so there’s her, but she’s not (usually) a villain.

Wrath: I’d pick Doomsday, even over Atrocitus. His entire mind is nothing but rage.

Sloth: This is a rough one, because there aren’t many villains particularly noted for their laziness. I’m not really sure about the Turtle; he’s slow, but reasonably motivated. I guess Abra Kadabra came all the way back from the distant future with incredible advanced technology to the point that it’s indistinguishable from magic… and uses it to rob banks.

Envy: Honestly, a lot of heroes has a strongly envy-driven villain. Luthor’s a borderline case (you could say he’s motivated as much by pride or greed depending on the interpretation), but there’s Superboy Prime, Hugo Strange, Hush, Veronica Cale, sometimes the Cheetah, some versions of the Silver Swan, Professor Zoom, non-professor Zoom, Hector Hammond, Ocean Master, Doctor Sivana, Count Vertigo sometimes, and probably numerous others if I thought about it enough. I’m picking Superboy Prime, because he seems to be motivated to the most drastic measures by his envy of other people having an Earth.


I see Lex with Pride.


I’d say lust might be better served by Psych Pirate or perhaps, Harley Quinn.


Harley is a good pull for Lust.

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In my case I could the argument for “Here they are…Power Girl.” But, in last analysis it’s HQ, because as the saying goes, “you know what they say about the crazy ones. :sunglasses:

Catwoman for lust


Braniac for greed


Or deathstroke for greed

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Zod for envy

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Ras for pride. Ok im done. I’ll do this all day

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I think Brainiac is a great pick for greed.


Or poison ivy for lust. Ok now im done lol


Brainiac over Luthor for envy. I can see the desire for knowledge as greed, however his determination to destroy a world once he has collected only the information he deems worthy places him above Luthor for envy. It is looking at creating envy rather than looking at something enviously, but arguably the former is the greater of the two “sins” elements.

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Greed = Catwoman
Envy = Bizarro
Lust = Poison Ivy
Gluttony = Vandal Savage
Wrath = Sinestro
Sloth = Penguin
Pride = Black Adam


Envy is Superboy Prime

Greed is Larfleeze

Pride is Lex Luthor

Lust is Harley Quinn

Gluttony is Parasite

Sloth is Turtle

Wrath is Red Hood when he first came back. But, since he is that no longer, I’d say Victims Snydicate

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Here they are specific to Batman villains:

GREED: The Penguin, Deadshot, Deathstroke (motivated by monetary gain and not much else)

ENVY: Riddler (obsessed with proving that he’s better than Batman)

PRIDE: The Joker (pathological need for attention) and Bane (considers himself the pinnacle of human perfection)

LUST: Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy (do I need to say it?)

GLUTTONY: Killer Croc (“B**ch, I eat people!”)

WRATH: Two-Face, Scarecrow, Freeze (lashing out at the world because they feel they’d been wronged)

SLOTH: Various Gotham mob bosses (would rather let their henchmen do the dirty work for them)

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