server problems

DC needs to fix/upgrade its servers. Always having connection problems and buffering with full bars of WiFi/service. Plz fix it ASAP

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Four points

  1. The Mods do not look for problems in this General Forum. You are just complaining to members who can’t help you.

  2. Go to

And click on the menu on the upper right, (the thing that looks like a bunch of lines).

You will get

Contact us.

Click on it

You will get something that is sent as email

Tell them exactly what the problem is, not what you think the solution is.

Tell then platform device and version of operating system.

They may send you back an email telling you to

Delete cache
Delete data
Uninstall and Reinstall

Follow their instructions or their request for more information.

  1. Go to

Support and Feedback

Report problem so that Mods can log in the problem.

  1. It is very unlikely that there there is a problem with the servers.

The majority of members have no problem with the various functions of the app, such as watching video or reading comics

I have an Android phone.

The app has a tendency to become unstable as it gobbles up more and more memory without releasing any. Deleting cache usually works but then you lose your downloads.


Looling at Support and Feedback forum

The better link is

Which skips the unhelpful help center and goes directly to the

New Request for Help email.

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We are so very sorry to hear that you’re experiencing this connection issue, @thetyson03.16383. As suggested above, this is an issue that you might want to contact our support team about, so that they can offer aid and document your experiences. We have amazingly talented heroes working support, so please don’t hesitate to contact them here whenever you need help: Submit a request – DC Universe Help Center

I’m also going to be moving this thread to Support & Feedback in a moment so that we can keep track of all technical issues.

I’d also like to thank you, @TurokSonOfStone1950, for jumping in to offer this advice. It’s always such a pleasure to see our community members helping one another, and your contribution is greatly appreciated.

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