Serious Question about Serious Topic

First. I love Mission: Impossible movies. Love them. Ethan Hunt is bad ass. I hope they continue with the series as long as the stories are fun and interesting.

I do not like Tom Cruise. I do not like Scientology (that is the first and last comment on the matter).

But I separate fact from fiction when sitting down while watching Ethan Hunt save the world and I have a great time.

All that being said, and I feel I needed to say all this first, just to get my point across that I do not support an author’s outside activities even if I enjoy their work…

All that being said, what’s the deal with any and all comics written by Gerard Jones?

For any who don’t know, Gerard Jones was a big writer for DC in the early to mid 90’s. He rebooted Green Lantern in the second series to star Hal Jordan from issues 1-47, as well as being involved in various spin-offs including Guy Gardner, Mosaic (John Stewart series), and I believe frame work for some GLC Quarterly issues. He also assisted Keith Giffen on Justice League Europe, eventually taking on the title solo.

For any who don’t know, he was also convicted of child pornography charges a few years back and is currently rotting in prison I believe.

Anyway, as I understand it, DC will not release these issues to the public because (Idk really, I think because then they’d have to pay him?)

My question…

Will these issues ever be available again online or in reprinted publication or are they just lost forever (unless you can score them out in the wild on eBay or whatever) ?

I ask because I rather enjoyed the work. I know, I know, how dare I.

Again, I do not like Tom Cruise but I love Ethan Hunt.

Please don’t condemn me for my love of comics.


There is always some way to find them.


Gerald Jones created Martian Manhunter: American Secrets, one of my favorite Martian Manhunter stories to date. I love the Americana in it, the era it is set in, John Jones persona being prominent here. The detective side of the martian manhunter has always been my favorite role he inhabitants. It’s what I want to see more often.

I don’t know when Gerald Jones had been pursuing those…well… you know. But through reading the series I kept thinking that maybe, possibly, somehow it was there for a long time.

It concerns me “normal” was bolden, and don’t get me started on the character of Patty Marie.

The irony of a story about seamlessly ordinary normal people turning out to be monsters was that it was written by one in the end couldn’t couldn’t be more perfectly summarize than by John Jones here.


I don’t think I can endorse .com sites, but there are several places online to by cheap issues. Your best bet will be $1.00 individual issues, which is cheaper than a trade. It can take a while, but GL was a high print comic at the time, and it should be relatively easy to snag most (if not all) of his issues.

He’s not a well person. Lot of bad stuff seems to have happened to him as a child. Nevertheless, I don’t think they’ll ever release his stuff here or in collected form.


Just addressing this point specifically: DC has, quietly, re-released some Gerard Jones issues in collections published after his conviction and imprisonment in 2018. Off the top of my head, Green Lantern: Mosaic #1 was included in Green Lantern: 80 Years of the Emerald Knight The Deluxe Edition (released in 2020), Mosaic #18 was included in Green Lantern: John Stewart - A Celebration of 50 Years (released in 2021), and Justice League Quarterly #3 was included in Justice League: Corporate Maneuvers (released in 2020). There may be a couple others as well.


Interesting find Samson.

I don’t know how much influence this had on Jones’ deviousness, but it doesn’t help that at the end of the first series Hal Jordan started hooking up with a 13 (14?) year old girl who aged herself to womanhood.

GL has had its embarrassing hiccups

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