September's DC Community Book Club--Batman & The Joker: The Deadly Duo!

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The final questions are up for the week! :batman_hv_2: :joker_hv_1:



  • Given their documented history, do you agree with Batman’s “choice” regarding Thomas’s parents? And, despite this choice, how do you think he feels in the aftermath of it?

Yeah I agree the best hone it the one that cares for him. But regardless they didn’t deserve to die. They deserved a chance to change a potentially see their kid again through visits. But not death so he probably feels bad seeing them die.

  • What do you think is going on in the scene of all the heads being placed on tops of bodies with suits? What’s the purpose of it?

Art and experiment a warning at frost but ended finishing the whole thing and now know it for the wedding revenge

  • How do you think Bruce feels being referred to as the “cancer” of Gotham, alongside the Joker? Do you think Batman has ever wondered if he and the Joker truly are two sides of the same coin?

I don’t think he cares what people think of him he just there to do his job and try his best to help. And for the same coin he’s definitely wondered. Maybe even believes it time to time but will never admit it.

  • Batman has always worked by his own rules, but even so, it seems like he’s going a bit “rogue” by the end of this issue. Do you think he’s making a wise decision, or is he playing into the chaos of enemy’s hands?

Both maybe the wise decision was to play into the chaos :thinking:.

Overall I really enjoyed this book. Read the whole thing. Amazing art and the story was cool. Kind of a horror buddy comedy thing which I think fits a bat joker team great. Interesting big bad reveal and a mysterious ending. One thing though Gordon lost his Stacie but in every scene he has it maybe and art mistake or he just grows it back fast​:sweat_smile:


I think Batman solved the puzzle correctly with his decision. If it’s a given that someone had to die and it’s a given that the correct solution leads to Thomas’ happiness then the correct answer to that particular puzzle is “both.” I don’t think Bats will worry about his answer to the puzzle, but he probably will rake himself over the coals because he couldn’t rescue them like he thought he could. It will bother him that Thomas’ parents will never have the chance to be better and that the boy will now have to grow up having lost his parents to violence. He’ll likely blame himself for that. He probably shouldn’t, but he likely will.

I think some sort or ceremony or reunion is being set up. Since all of the victims so far have either been former Joker thugs or police officers connected to the death of Amanda Simms, so, presumably, those are their heads being placed on top of the suits. It suggests a very sick, very formal, ceremonial reunion. My guess is that it leads to the end game in all this.

This isn’t the first time someone has suggested that Batman is part of the problem or even that he makes the problem worse. Bruce isn’t stupid. He’s almost definitely considered it before. I imagine it must bother him. That said, he’s set this mission for himself and continues to pursue it regardless of these possibilities. Even if it does trouble him enough to make him question what he’s doing, it hasn’t convinced him to stop what he is doing. So… it can’t bother him THAT much.

Again, no, not wise. So far, he’s been pretty well manipulated by both The Joker and Donald Simms. He has done exactly what both have asked him to do and has had no power to change course. Joker forced his hand by taking Gordo hostage, so… he hasn’t had a lot of good options. Still, he’s being lead by the nose so far, and that’s going to catch up with him.

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