Selina Kyle

Does anybody have any suggestions on good Catwoman comics to read available on this site?

Her Sister’s Keeper is prob my favorite

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Selina’s big score

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Awesome, thank u I’m going to check em out right now, appreciate the answers.

If you’re in the mood for some more classic Catwoman stories, I’d look at Batman #323/324, written by Len Wein.

And while she’s not the star, she plays a big role in The Long Halloween/Dark Victory.

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@Jay Kay
Right on thank u, I actually just finished long Halloween last night so dark victory will be a perfect next step. I wrote down the Batman 323/324 I’m on em all thank u.

Great read, soon as I saw Darwyn Cooke was author I was excited. I live 5 minutes from Akron and Canton and 30 minutes from Cleveland so I loved that Slam Hamilton was in big score. His character was based in Cleveland before he moved to Gotham because of the Siegel/Shuster living in Cleveland connection. He put him in The New Frontier movie also.

Couldn’t find Her sisters keeper but I wrote it down. I they don’t put it on I’ll get it from 1/2 libraries by me. They both actually have good selections and will order things u request so I’ll find it, thanks for the input on it.


Selina’s big score is followed up by the 2002 Catwoman series by Ed Brubaker and Cooke.

I believe the first volume of that series includes Selina’s big Score.

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Right on! Thanks for the info I can’t wait to dive into that sounds awesome.

Thank u, I read every suggestion on here, all of them were awesome.

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