Selina Kyle In Joker? (Small Spoiler)

Loved the joker but real quick crazy theory what if the neighbors little girl was young Selina Kyle. Now I know the neighbors name was Sofie Dumond but she is not from any known comic. But her daughter could 100% have her dads last name and she would 100% be right around the same age as Bruce making her a dope af candidate for cat women. Also this movie was clearly more then just a Joker orgin story with Bruce Wayne’s parents being killed in it. So would it REALLY be that far of a stretch to say this was another orgin story as well??? Also this adds a whole new dynamic to the cat women story if it is true. IDK just a wild food for thought idea.


I mean, I suppose it’s possible. I don’t recall if the daughter is ever named, so she could have the first name Selina, and she’s given the name Kyle from a foster who she quickly ditches.

However, a big possible problem is that after the scene where we realize Arthur was imagining those interactions and confronted Sophie in her apartment, it leaves a real question mark whether she or her daughter survived.

I don’t know if they intended that to be the case, but considering how much of the movie they leave to the audience’s interpretation, that’s not a wrong approach to take.

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Please state Spoiler in the title because it’s not marked obviously.

It’s just a theory. I don’t see any spoilers besides the Waynes dying but does that really count?

I like the idea and it would play into my hope that DC stops chasing Marvel’s multi-character epics and focuses on individual characters in movies that fully and deeply build them. Crossovers and teams can come later (much later in my opinion).

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I’m with @Jay_Kay. I don’t think either of them survived that visit.