Seems We're Not Getting The New Showcase Shorts

And I’m totally okay with that.

WB/DC have to make money off of these movies to keep them rolling. Adding unique content to the primary digital and physical releases is a great way to entice folks into continuing to invest in these projects. It’s not just the Showcase Shorts that interest me (though they are awesome), but the behind-the-scenes extras too.

And now that the Death short has been confirmed for Wonder Woman: Bloodlines, I’m doubly certain that I’ll continue to purchase hard copies of these films. As a bonus, they look pretty all next to one another on my shelf.

It’s still nice to have the films accessible at a moment’s notice here on DCU, though. A true perk.


Maybe we’ll get lucky and they’ll do like the last batch where we get a longer story (Superman/Shazam: The Return of Black Adam) and on the blu-ray release they’ll include the other shorts. I seem to remember Death in the Family will be a multi-part Showcase shorts, so when they collect them all together, they could put the rest on there.

Either way, i’m looking forward to seeing these.


Evidently the digital release of Batman: Hush doesn’t have the Sgt. Rock short.

If these new shorts are exclusive to physical media releases, that’s a bad idea on Warner Home Entertainment’s part.

Animated shorts are not going to be enough of a sole incentive for most people to buy a hard copy of a movie when they bought the digital release weeks before. In digital and physical releases, each of the new shorts should precede the movie they’re made in conjunction with.

The original round of Showcase shorts were eventually released on YouTube via WB’s Beyond The Lot channel and in a digital collection available at assorted digital retailers. Hopefully they’ll do a set of this new round of shorts too.


@vroom, I sure hope so because I love the line up they chose and can’t wait to see what they do with these

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@Vroom valid point. I don’t argue that as far as on here fair enough (although don’t look forward to the 10 threads we will get asking where they are, but that is how that works) but do agree they should be on the digital sales copies as for what they pay for it they deserve to have both.


I think I read in Office Hours that AppleJack is going to look into this. Depending on licensing, I’m sure we will eventually see at least some of the Showcase Shorts on here in some form or another.

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