Secret Origin: History of DC Comics

Watching this documentary right now and it’s so interesting to see how the characters were reworked for each of the ages. And to see the significance of things we didn’t know were significant. Let’s hope they can add the Necessary Evil documentary.


This documentary is excellent and the talent assembled for it provide a wealth of insights.

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The addition of Necessary Evil is absolutely necessary. That’s a fantastic documentary.

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I have yet to see that one!! I’ve always wanted to though.

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Necessary Evil is, IMO, the best doco on comics ever done.

It lays out so many elements that are usually completely missed about the genre. Even understanding the simplest premise that the villain is the protagonist makes one look at comics in a very different way.

And that is the smallest sliver of what Necessary Evil covers. I hope they eventually get it. It is a must watch for comics fans.

When members ask for advice on what to read

I suggest first

Secret Origins


Justice League New Frontier videos

As good background before going into our comic library