SEC Watchalong: 🦇Batman Beyond🦇 Eps 9-11 09/21 @7:30PM PT/10:30PM ET

When I want something sweet, I usually go for ice cream.

I love how Terrys batman makes it a point to trash talk :laughing:

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Dang it, now I’m craving ice cream…

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performance enhancing topicals

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Mmmm, ice cream.

Oh boy, I don’t think that’s within the rules.

I think this was a great topic to explore

“Seriously REM deprived.”

I’m using that from now on.

Love the soundtrack

You’re so right about the trash talk, @DhruvGrayson!

this ep is part drugs are bad and part Beyond’s Bane

@Zatanna I know right! Me too

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So much for stealth :joy:

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and coach is my personal Beyond sportsmaster

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Bats aren’t rodents! Good thing he isn’t the biology teacher.

Well, that’s an unfortunate turn of events.

Did you guys see the grapple line design? It was from Bruces

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only a mother can ground Batman

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Man that line about mothers is so funny and depressing at the same time


You called it, @AntLeon!

Bruce saying, “Arch criminals I know but Mothers are something else” was heartbreaking if you take context into account :pensive:

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