Season Four Wishlist

Not yet finished binging season 3 of yj but I have to say I really love the way the show handles all these characters. I for one am hoping that the show can take us to the future ala Justice League Unlimited episode the Once and Future Thing, Part II: Time, Warped and we get to see Terry McGinnis as Batman again. Just seeing Terry interact with Dick and hopefully, other members of the Bat-family would be so amazing. Also, if they could get Will Friedle back to voice him that would be extra crash. What do you all hope to see?


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Definitely want Wally back- Speedsters never really die so let’s get include some speedforce lore and bring him back. Also, I want to see Talia and a certain someone else we saw :wink:
If they bring back Jason as Red Hood that could be really interesting as well.


Agreed on Wally. I was really hoping that would happen at the end of s3 to set up the new season. I’ve never really liked the Legion so I’m not very hyped that they were foreshadowed

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Yeah idk if they’re gonna say Wally has been stuck in the future or something else entirely with the legion angle. The writers are never predictable which I usually love their twists, but I want to know Wally will be back.


I can’t believe I forgot all about Damian and Jason!! The one thing I hate about the new DC animated movie universe was how Tim never got to interact with Damian, that was one of my favorite “dynamics” from the comics, so I def hope we get to see that. It would also be sweet if they got Jensen Ackles back to voice Jason like he did in Under the Red Hood. I might catch some flak for this but I like how they did Wally’s death because by having him merge into the speed force we know he can come back and it also demonstrates the stakes involved by being a superhero and led to Artemis really developing as a solid character in season 3. I’d be totally fine if they bring Wally back at the end of the next season.

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I don’t like that Wally died, but agree that they did it extremely well (like most things). Introducing the speed force added even more for them to work with down the line, and makes a great opportunity for him to come back because no one really dies in comics. They made you want to read the comics to understand how he can come back.

It also allowed Artemis to come back because they had gotten their happily ever after and were down with being heroes. I’m glad we got to see her develop as a leader and share her experiences with new members like Tara. Artemis could connect with her like no one else and helped her realize she wanted to be a hero. I love Artemis and glad we got more of her though was sad she was so heartbroken :frowning_face:

YJ is a great show no doubt but heres what id like to see. The light is a boys club and needs more female members. I nominate Talla. If you all could get Juliet Landau thatd be great. I think we need a more serious magic wielder on the light. Im not suggesting we get rid of Clarion; hes entertaining and has a great voice(still wanna see wolf and Tiko go at it)but he can be a little hard to take seriously. If not Tala then Lady Shiva is my next and close 2nd choice. Great voice acting and shes kinda sexy for an animated chick.
More off world missions. Theyre a great chance to: introduce new characters and expose our more terrestrial characters to VERY foreign cultures thus providing a chance for varying perspectives and ultimately growth.
Static needs a love inteterest. He had his own series and is a pretty popular charismatic character. Are we gonna have to wait more seasons into his debut to get him a girlfriend. It took Kalder what 8 years to find someone.
M’kom has to crash that wedding. Maybe a beastboy M’kom throwdown. A jealous brother goin after a favoured adopted brother further developing a wedge between siblings …ooooh!
Create a villan romance and then elaborate on it. The episode about Vandal was award worthy. I think showcasing villains in love would add an interesting spin on things. Yes Simon and Devastation have something going on but that relationship needs more development to be riveting. Cassandra Savage and Knockout…maybe.
And my final wish is a fight scene with Vic coordinating the team like a football game. Impulse and El Dorado as recivers, Wondergirl and Beastboy as blockers and Superboy as running back.

If I have a wish for season four, I’d like to focus back on the team itself. This season wasn’t terrible by any stretch of the imagination, but that second half was rough.

This season, focus on the team. Don’t worry about side stories and just tell the story you want to tell.


I admit, I rewatched the first season and miss the original team. Also, the first season was about them becoming a family and we don’t see that now that there are so many characters. The show has moved on from that and I do want to see it for the original team members. We got to see that development season 3 with Halo and Tara and Forager, but it still felt like something was missing and has been since season 1.


Maybe we’ll get something akin to season 2 where there was a nice middle ground between old and new.

I just rewatched the JLU episode “for the man who has everything” and thought they could incorporate the theme of “being ripped from heaven” for Wally coming out of the speedforce. The Supergirl episode with the black mercy also dealt with her being taken from her perfect world. Watching the JLU episode and remembering this and how in Buffy the Vampire Slayer her friends pull her from heaven and how that affected her, I thought it could be really interesting to see that when Wally returns (because he def is).

Maybe Barry/Bart/Eobard learns Wally is in the speedforce, which commences rescue efforts culminating in Wally’s return. The problem is, he was at peace in the speedforce, and being brought back was like being ripped from heaven. I know in the comics the speedforce can be either this peaceful place but the speedsters who end up there also can reach out to be pulled back. It would be interesting to see them get him back but the repercussions be unexpected, where he’s not entirely happy to be back. A dark possibility but they like to surprise us.

I’m ready for anti-hero Cheshire. She tends to do what she wants and doesn’t believe she’s meant to be more then that. It’s obvious she cares for her sister, Roy and Lian, yet hasn’t given up the assassin life, but will do “good” things if it’s for someone she cares about. I just want more Jade.

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I’d like to see them follow up on the Jason Todd story, some more Cass Cain/Lady Shiva action… and I’m hoping for an appearance by Connor Hawke.


I like to see if bart and Eduardo gets together

I’m rewatching season 2 right now and now really want Roy and Jade to get back together. She left him because he needed to get his s*** together, made sure their daughter was good then returned to help him. She did so much for him and believed in him, enough she lets him raise Lian. I think she went back to her old life as a cover, to get the info to help him, and so she could always protect her daughter. She saw how her dad could protect Artemis from the other side and wanted Lian to have both sides watching out for her.

In season 3 you could tell she wants to be with Roy, she wants her family and that life but feels she can’t leave her current life. That it’s for everyone’s best interest if she stays and isn’t selfish. I’d like to see in season 4 Roy realize she wants them and help her. She was there for him to show him he was worth it and help him, now it’s his turn to show her she can be redeemed and deserve her daughter. Maybe Artemis will help I’m some way. Maybe sports master will be beat up by both his daughters together. Maybe Paula can cheer them on.

FB_IMG_1572671380709 Artemis to get that green suit back and to take more after green arrow again! FB_IMG_1573413821969 red Robin and other titan characters like starfire! I doubt it’ll happen and red hood, I’d like to see them just jump ahead to further evolutions of the characters. I feel like the outsiders got a lot of screen time and wonder girl, red to be red Robin and some of those characters took a big back seat. Blue beetle got featured so heavily in the season prior it made sense to put him on the back burner. I’m so glad to see the original squad still around, they’re the ones I’d like to see get the most time honestly…Artemis, ms Martian the core to YJ stuff…aqualad is fairly original with how they’ve done him…I think his boyfriend is kind of strange after his girlfriend died but I mean it’s good he moved on… nightwing is fun, I’d like to see more of batgirl and all that dynamic them evolve with the bat family as they do in the comics amidst all the YJ chaos stuff

I really want to see more of the League of Shadows members. I also want to know if Wally really died and I want to know why Cheshire left Will and her kid.

-Superboy/Miss Martian wedding

-Folloup on Damian Wayne reveal

-More Milestone characters

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yj season 4 should introduce the red hood, Tim becoming Red Robin and bringing Damian into the picture. They should also make Babs no longer crippled sense she had the implant in the latest comic series. Also Cassie and Tim isn’t my favorite ship, Tim and Steph though.