Season 2 Swamp Thing

So I was looking for something on Swamp Thing, when an article about the CW picking up the 2nd season of Swamp Thing. I don’t know about other fans. I myself am very happy someone is bringing Swamp Thing back. I thought it was a magnificent show.

So tell me how you all feel about this ?

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Can you link the article? As far as I know, the CW is officially only reairing the first season on their network. Maybe there’s new information that I don’t know about yet, but I don’t see any media outlets reporting on it.


Sadly, they’re only re-running the first season to fill in gaps in the CW’s schedule due to the pandemic.


DC Fadome that will happen in August doesn’t have Swamp Thing planned to show as far as the articles I’ve seen. Sadly, Season 2 isn’t in the cards.


Yes, from the article you are right. But the Casino I work for we rent are old Casino to Netflix and I also have a cousin that works for the movie sets here and a couple the local stunts men and last year when it was canceled, there was talk about three other networks that have interested in Swamp Thing that still have not been taken off the board yet. So all I can say is I Believe


Whatever you read was false.

As has already been said, The CW is only syndicating the sole existing season of the series and could literally not afford to revive it even if they wanted to.