Searching for Green Lantern 1990 1-47

So I’ve been reading a lot of old comics from the 80’s and 90’s since I thought it would be fun to see what the DC Universe was like before the New 52 and I’d begun reading the Green Lantern series from around this time and noticed there seemed to be a huge chunk that was missing from the 90’s series. I’ve looked it up and it’s not just some weird numbering. I’m not really expecting DC Universe to put these up anytime soon so I was wondering if anyone knew of a trade or someplace that has these. I’ve looked on Amazon and had no success, they only have them for Kyle Rayners era same as the comics here.

Its most likely not coming. All of the titles from that series before the beginning of Ron Marz’ run (issue 47) were pulled off ComiXology right before the release of the ultimate library. If you search these forums a bit you’ll find plenty of speculation but I doubt we’ll ever get an official answer.

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Alright, thanks! Guess I’ll try and see if I can find a summary instead so I can keep going. Stinks that they got pulled but no use complaining

I know there are trades of a lot of those issues out there, not sure what they are called but look them up on Amazon and you can find the stories from a lot of those.

Or just hunr down the single issues. Most of that stuff SHOULD be dollar bin or cheaper.

Not sure I agree with the above. I’ve noted several things that aren’t available on comiXology being added. Most recently, Hourman #1. It seems they are slowly rolling out some of these titles, digitizing when necessary. I agree that the pace is a bit maddening, but it’s hard to believe they’ve added the series with no intent to fill it in. Folks are being negative imo.

@dan6433 If you mean you don’t agree that they won’t be added… They were on Comixology before as well as other Gerard Jones books such as many of his Justice League International books and Emerald Dawn I and II were pulled off of it, Emerald Dawn I and II were also pulled from DCU around the same time. They had been archived but they were taken down.

Worth noting not all of his stuff is off Comixology and I think some of it is on here also (not sure). But clearly a lot of his work has been taken down, hard to believe it is a coincidence it is his work given what happened with him, but there is no actual proof of that. But while yes stuff is added weekly to the archive, the issue with the Gl issues and others is they were on there before, but have been taken off. So something made them take it off, and while who knows with the future if they went to the trouble to take them down, it is best to assume they won’t be coming back up any time soon.

I’ve been reading JLI and JLA and noticed there was some missing from those too. Didn’t think to write a comment on those since I was able to find trades on Amazon. Looked up what this guy did since while his name sounded familiar I had no clue and yeah I can see why his stuff was taken down. Probably going to be a while before DC ever attempts to put them on here so probably my best bets either looking for a summary video or going treasure hunting for individual issues. Been awhile since I did the later and since then couple comic shops have opened up near me so might a nice summer hobby to see if I can get them.

I’m sure DC is hoping at least one of their current creators behaves himself for the rest of his life.
Or we’ll be losing a lot of other books in ten years if he does something stupid.

They’re probably wishing they had a Legion Time Bubble to go into the future to validate the character of their creators, especially the ones they may consider putting on big name heroes.

I am willing to look past a lot because yeah no one is perfect, and nothing against people who can read the guys work and separate that. But it honestly would kind of hinder my enjoyment now knowing what he did. That is a special type of scum bag move, it shouldn’t be hard for most of their creators to behave better then THAT.


Interesting that the Justiniano books are still available on here

Not all of them. The Beast Boy book he did was mentioned as being pulled in another thread. I have a feeling it has as much to do with royalties as it does the creator’s criminal record and I am sure the two are linked.

Yeah, Dan if I do wind up trying to find these issues it is probably going to be pretty hard to really enjoy them now that I know what I do now. I just really cannot stand getting into a series when I know there are issues that I’m missing, I remember when I got into reading the Alex Cross novels I managed to get every single one except the first one and refused to start until I had it. I’m trying to to find a video or something that goes over the run but so far no luck. I probably will still enjoy the search for the issues if it comes to that but the thought that I’m collecting the issues written by a horrible man is going to be a pretty big downer. Could always do something like burn them (Never thought I’d be that person but for a guy like this I’d make an exception, plus it might bring back a bit of the lost joy).

PSA for those interested in reading any of these issues in collected format:

You can actually still get Emerald Dawn #1-6 and Emerald Dawn II #1-6 via Comixology. They are collected in the trade Green Lantern: Hal Jordan Vol. 1, which is also available physically from Amazon and other outlets.

A second trade in this series was solicited, which would have collected Green Lantern #1-12. The trade was cancelled when the news broke about Gerard Jones.

However, Green Lantern #1-8 were collected in a trade called Green Lantern: The Road Back in 1992. It was reprinted in 2003. The 2003 edition can be found relatively cheaply on Amazon.

Green Lantern #30-31 are part of a Flash crossover co-written by Mark Waid. They appear in The Flash by Mark Waid Book 2. This trade also collects Green Lantern #40.

Green Lantern #46 appears in the trade Superman: The Return of Superman, as well as The Death and Return of Superman Omnibus.

I hope that helps!

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I didn’t know about the Justiniano thing but that would explain Beast Boy disappearing from here. I remember it was before the first big addition, when they said prior to that there would be no books removed until the plan of what turned out to be expanding to 5000 books was announced. Then out of nowhere and with no warning the Beast Boy mini-series was taken down. I knew there had to be a reason for that one mini being taken down like that but didn’t know what it was. Can’t say I am happy to find out what it was, but I guess mystery solved most likely.

I really hope DCU puts all of Green Lantern up. I bought the comics as a kid, and they’re still sitting in a foot locker. I seriously doubt the vast majority of readers give two flips about the individual creators, their personalities, or their vices. Personally, it was years before I started noticing the creators.

In any case, I read the comics for the characters. And yes, they seem to be attempting to destroy the characters lately. But the characters are still the strength of DC.


The thing that always ticked me off was that when DC put up the series (Long before his deeds were discovered and reported) They omitted issue 13 It seemed like they were doing it intentionally not because of Gerard jones’ but because it showed the Guardians of the Universe laughing (the currently running GL series had the Guardians being OCD stick in the muds that couldn’t crack a smile to save their lives)
I wrote in several times to not response. after the news broke about JG’s activities I gave up. but the completist in me is still annoyed that I’ll never have that issue in my digital collection (However, I do have it in my longbow along with the entire runs of Green Lantern/Mosaic/Quarterly and Guy Gardner/Warrior

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That’s a pretty good collection. Like a lot of readers, I was pretty miffed about Hal going crazy for no reason (sure, we find out the “truth” a couple decades later). But at the time, it put a bad taste in my mouth for Kyle. And then, the was the girlfriend in the fridge. I don’t remember when I stopped reading. But GJ’s run was really solid writing (despite his activities decades later). His run spawned all the spinoffs you just mentioned. It’s a shame they won’t post it.

Anything Gerard Jones did was removed off DCuniverse Infinite due to his…legal issues.
That’s why.