Search Function and Downloading.

This would make finding comics, characters and whole arcs/events much easier. It would be great to find exactly what you want rather than going alphabetically. Even then, not all the Batmans are with the Bs, not all the Flash stories are in the Fs.

Also, downloading the comic is a hassle. I get that it’s probably better to download a comic, but I have to go in to EVERY single comic and download each one, taking about 3 keystrokes.

A ‘download all’ function would be great, or even a ‘select’ function would make things easier.

Also having the little “…” button next to each book would be cool because I could download an issue or a run without even clicking on an individual book.

About the whole downloading thing, can’t we just stream the comic? Why do I have to download it?

Maybe I’m forgetting something, what functions would you all like to see?


I absolutely agree about the rudimentary search function. Just like the forum itself, very nice search engines already exist that could simply be added to the software. What we currently have is horrible, but I assume it will be improved over time. I just don’t get why they are doing everything from scratch.

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This thing has a search function.

@Sushi Volcano

Saying that we have a search function is like saying roller skates is transportation. So, not really. It is the most rudimentary search function that I have ever seen on any app anywhere. And, boy, is it buggy.

So, the OP has avery valid point. I’m just hopeful that improvements will come thru time.


@dontphishmebruh.39666 These are all very great questions - I’m gonna shoot this over to our developers, so they can have a looksee as well!