SDCC2019! General and tips/advice for a first time attendee :)

Hi everyone!
Getting excited for SDCC! I’ve been trying to attend for years and finally get to go this year! It’s 2 weeks away and I’m already so overwhelmed with all the information. Pointers and discussion about the available events welcome!
So far really curious about what will be offered for the new Watchmen.
Also yacht party?!

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Hey Schmillionaire, My first time attending SDCC was in 2007 then i went on a seven year drought but since 2015 I have been going every year and its amazing every time i go. It can be overwhelming the first time you go as soon as they release the full schedule just plan your week, you wont be able to do everything because certain things will conflict with one another. Just plan for some sleepless nights if you plan on doing Hall H you will have to camp out overnight just to get in. Overall you will have a great time there the people who go to SDCC are the best people to talk to

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Excited about the yacht party! One thing you should keep in mind is to be flexible. It’s quite possible that some of the things you want to do will have impossibly long lines or the line may be already be capped by the time you get there. Have an alternative just in case. It’s so tempting to try to do everything but it’s almost never possible. Try not to get too mired in the Exhibit Hall unless you are REALLY hoping to get some exclusive merchandise. It can be a serious madhouse and a time sucker. Also, bring a sweater for the evenings. The daytime will probably be really hot and humid but it cools down a lot at night. Most of all, have fun!!

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How did you guys get the yacht party invite? I got zero emails from DCU / womp womp

Do you just line up to the yacht, and it’s first come first served? Or are invites sent?

Hi Schmill

The first SDCC is a special experience! I’ve been attending ever since 2010 and every year I learn more. It’s a special experience that I look forward to every year!

Things to keep in mind…

  • Mentally prepare yourself for the lines. If there’s a panel you want to go to at 3, don’t show up at 2:50 thinking you’ll be fine. That might work for smaller panels but for popular ones things get hectic and you’ll want to show up early to wait in line. This surprised a friend of mine one year when he thought he’d check out the Dr. Who panel. The lines may be long, but they can be fun and a great place to make friends.

  • If you’re taking a car, leave it at the hotel. Traffic is rough (you’ll be sitting in a car for a while) and if you plan on parking close you’ll be paying top dollar. Cheaper parking spots are blocks away. Plan on taking an Uber (and leave early to account for traffic) or walking if it’s close enough. I made a mistake my first year by renting a car…I paid a fortune in parking and still wound up having to walk everywhere due to lack of close parking spots. If you do park, make sure you find out when the parking lots close - that mistake cost me dearly in 2010 and almost caused me to miss a flight!

  • Check out artists alley! You never know which of your favorite comic artists might be there, and some of them will chat you up.

  • Come with the expectations that you might miss some of the panels or events you want. I’m not trying to sound negative, just setting expectations.

  • Reach out to your fellow community members, because it’s a great place to make friends.

  • Keep an open mind, and be ready for adventure!

Would love to say hi to any DCU members during the con! Thanks!


what Joshua said; can confirm nightmarish downtown parking rates … even five years ago it was ~$50 a day six blocks away (1 day = 8hrs)

on the other hand, getting to visit Artists’ Alley is beyond price or measure

good luck and have fun :desert_island:

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