SDCC and DCU: What News Do You Hope To Hear?

San Diego Comic Con kicks off in just a few weeks (July 18th - 21st) and will undoubtedly be loaded with news, previews and mind-blowing announcements.

DCU will be there.

What do you want to hear from their panels? I’ll start:

-Doom Patrol 2nd Season confirmed
-Young Justice 4th Season confirmed
-PS4 support date
-Samsung Smart TV support date
-Titans Season 2 Premiere date
-Harley Quinn Premiere date
-The real reason Swamp Thing was cancelled: it’s actually being spun off into Justice League Dark.

… that’s not too greedy, is it? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Your turn!


• Season 4 YJ confirmation
• EVEN MORE COMICS — the Vertigo library is open!
• Teaser for The Question live action series
• Support for the PS4 and- surprise!- the Nintendo Switch
• More TV shows coming to the DCU archives
• More exclusive comics tying into the Young Justice universe
• Some kind of Games component
• Integrated audio features like soundtracks, podcasts, audio dramas and audiobooks
• Some clarification on DC Universe’s future after the launch of WarnerMedia


Season 4 YJ confirmation
GL:TAS Season 2
Titans and Harley Quinn Release Date
Titans Season 2 trailer
PS4 and Nintendo Switch Ports
Smallville, Gotham, and Arrow coming in August, September, and January respectively.
Doom Patrol Season 2
DC Games announced with Batman Arkham Trilogy, Lego Batman Trilogy, and DC Lego Villains at launch in January with DC Universe Online coming to DCU in 2020 along with Rocksteady…
Last one, a Supersons Animated Series written by Tomasi.

Oh, Tom King’s TV project is a Blue Beetle and Booster Gold TV show coming after Young Justice Season 4 Part 1.


Only one thing; Henry Cavill return as Superman.

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I’m hoping for:

-Vertigo coming to DCU
-confirmation of YJ s4
-confirmation of DP s2
-announcement of a DCU exclusive animated Superman series
-announcement of more DCU exclusive action figures
-confirmation of GLTAS s2

Dream big I say.


I’d also like an announcement from Warner Media as to their plans for their streaming service and just how DCU will be affected/integrated.

Titans season 2 trailer/teaser. Young Justice Season 4.

Any news on upcoming programming after Stargirl is finished, Doom Patrol Season 2 would be especially nice.

Also would love to hear a PS4 announcement even though I sold mine a while back, because I think it will be great for the service.

Any more past TV shows added be it animated or live action (although at this point unless they want to pull the 90’s Human Target series out of mothballs not sure anything else is not tied up elsewhere as far as live action, but still several great animated series that don’t seem to be on anything right now).

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I thought WB was skipping this year?

WB is skipping a Hall H presentation. They will still be there.

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YJ season 4 confirmation
DP S2 confirmation
Titans and Harley trailer/relates dates
DCU future
GL TAS S2 confirmation
Beware the Batman with maybe S2 coming here
New DCU original shows/movies/limited series (may a Metal Animated movie)
Any other fun updates and events planed.
Also PS4 and maybe Switch support.

A lot of these probably won’t happen but hay like Vroom said dream big.


I’d also love to see an anouncement that the following shows will soon be in the TV library:

-remainder of the Filmation library (including Captain Marvel/Shazam)
-Ruby Spears Superman
-Beware The Batman
-The Zeta Project
-The Plastic Man Comedy/Adventure Show
-Justice League Action (especially since all of the episodes aren’t on Hulu anymore)
-Krypto The Superdog

Announcements for HD remasters of STAS and Batman Beyond would be great too, as would confirmation of 4K live action movies.

Again, dream big.


Well it’s one 2 hour panel, so I’m predicting:

-Announcements for upcoming seasons of Doom Patrol and Young Justice
-PS4 app release date
-Trailers for Titans Season 2 and Harley Quinn Season 1

I don’t think we will get any news on Stargirl, any unannounced shows in development, or any info on why Swamp Thing was cancelled. Manage your expectations, people.

That I’ve won tickets some how haha

New DCU content and support for additional devices.

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Oh, I can’t believe I forgot to mention: The reveal of our new Forums.

The team has been working so hard, I wouldn’t be surprised if they circled SDCC on their calendars as an important date. Perhaps it won’t be live by then, but I’m hoping we’ll at least get a look at the interface.

I’m not holding my breath to hear what I actually “hope” to hear, which is news of a proper Superman movie or show.
Not much to add in terms of DCU announcements that hasn’t been already mentioned by others.
Looking forward to see what’s cooking in the collectible market, particularly from DC Collectibles and hopefully McFarlane.

Todd McFarlane debuting some of his upcoming DC toys would be pretty sweet.

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The Batman film logo and first interviews by Robert Pattinson

Just want to hear that there’s going to be another new show or two. Especially if they are putting down Swamp Thing, and surely YJ will be on hiatus. Hopefully said shows aren’t characters that often get attention like Swamp Thing and Stargirl.

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