SDCC Alert: Is it a ptitsa? Is it a samolet? No it's...

Breaking News from SDCC!

Greetings Comic Comrades!

Some lucky fans at SDCC are already aware so we thought we should address the reports here!

The Big Blue Boy Scout may be appearing something a little more red in an alluded to 2020 DC Universe original; “Superman: Red Son”

This was briefly announced at the SDCC “Hush” panel, which is set to hit the platform a little later this year!

Stay tuned for updates as they become available!


Thank Stalin!


What took them so long to do this movie? They must’ve been Stalin.


I wish I was their I want that goody bag

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To get into the spirit of Communism, DC should give everyone access to the movie for free.


Communism doesn’t work quite like that. In a communist society, the would be very little art. Especially nothing that would denigrate the government.

So, no comic books; no cartoons; no movies.


@Red Hood Thank you tovarisch!


Aha! So they should give NOBODY access to the movie! Instead, we should all just be given a short propaganda featurette encouraging us to join the Rocket Red program.


The Soviet Union did have movies and cartoons. I don’t think they had comics, though.

Is this going to be a movie or a series? Either way, we should get the Red Son motion comic to celebrate.

patiently awaits the first Yakoff Smirnoff joke

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@DarthSinestro Superman: Red Son will be one of three entries in the DC Original Movie line of direct to video animated movies next year.

The motion comic for it isn’t here, but the three issue mini-series that the movie is based on is.

Thanks Vroom

@Vroom: Well, I wouldn’t want to keep you waiting.

In Soviet Russia, Superman watches you.


This is gonna be amazing.

There’d be very little art under communism? I don’t think you understand communism, friend.

So we DO all get the movie for free!

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