SDCC 2019

Here are the biggest news from SDCC regarding DC Universe:

-“Doom Patrol” is renewed for season 2 and will be on both DC Universe and HBO Max. It will premiere sometime in 2020

-“Titans” season 2 will premiere on September 6th. Footage was screened at SDCC but hasn’t been released yet

-“Harley Quinn” is confirmed for a Fall 2019 premiere, all though it doesn’t seem to have a specific date yet. A trailer has been released online

-“Young Justice” season 4 is official, currently in production. No release date as of now


It’s not as vast as Marvel’s lineup and yet I’m happier with DC.


It would be nice if DC recorded all of their SDCC 19 panels and added them to the app!


My biggest question is whether they’re planning to upload any of the panels to the DC Universe site. Was there any indication of official filming during the panels? Any clue?

  Everything is professionally filmed. If like previous years many of the panels trickle out on Youtube within a week. If footage is shown that hasn't been publicly released it's edited out.
  Of course there are amateur crowd shot videos already out there of typically low quality.

I can’t wait to see more Young Justice, myself! :smiley:

Harley Quinn also looks like a ton of fun, based on the trailer. I’m super excited to learn more about what they have planned.


I’m pretty happy with the new stuff coming out but I still hope they’ll reveal something involving a new ssn of teen titans or maybe a completely new teen titans for maybe like 14+ :woman_shrugging:.

Personally, I am so excited that Doom Patrol is back! I was worried, especially after the cancellation of Swamp Thing, but now I can breathe.

Surprisingly, I haven’t gotten around to watching Young Justice. But I hear it’s pretty good, so congrats to them.

I wasn’t a fan of Titans. It felt too unnecessarily dark, confusing violence and being brutal and gritty for being mature. But I’ll admit, I am curious to see what’s in store for season 2. And I’m willing to hold onto the belief that it will get better.

The trailer for Harley Quinn looks…i honestly just don’t know what to think. Before, I was really excited. But now, it could really go either way and that does make me a little afraid