Scrolling order in threads

Was there an update overnight or something? All of a sudden newer posts are appearing at the bottom of threads on my phone. I think it’s better because you can scroll through all the older stuff first. It just disoriented me for a minute.

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Is it all showing all comments from oldest to newest, or is it showing the latest five comments, and hiding the rest (like it does from a web browser)?

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*is it showing all

Thanks for the input folks.

After the update,I haven’t noticed a change in thread or post order.

After the update, I did notice changes in regards to starting a new thread. A suggestion in the subject line and then a couple dealies in the main body about guidelines and such.

Hey @moro, just checking in to see if you’re still seeing what you described, post-update?

@MissInkBlot, yeah I am…I just didn’t realize the app had auto-updated overnight, so the changes seemed random. All seems to be in working order. Thanks for checking in :slightly_smiling_face:

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@moro @Vroom
Yep! There has been a very new update to go out. I believe the udate that affects how thread comments are viewed is for iOS, as it was previously a little difficult to keep up with posts (especially the longer ones).

And we are hoping the additions to the “create thread” page will help minimize some of the confusion associated with posting guidelines.