Scooby-Doo Discussion

Because people are idiots.

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Same with me. But I also can’t say that I miss him either.

I imagine to some he ruins a perfect formula of characters and find him annoying. Or his purpose of rushing into things goes contrary to the sleuthing style that the gang is suppose to be (not rushing through a room and towards danger yelling some catch phrase).

There’s a thing that some shows do when they start to run out of ideas. They try to mix up the dynamics by adding someone ‘approachable’ to younger kids (aka sell more toys) by adding either a baby, kid or pet. Scrappy’s basically a mix of pet and kid.

I fell out of Fairly Odd Parents because of that actually. F.O.P. had a perfect formula too but adding all the new characters (baby, dog, kid) into the mix was unnecessary, annoying and turned me off.

Now that I think about it I probably would be a Scrappy hater if I came into the franchise earlier than I did when he was more prevalent :sweat_smile:

Never thought this deep about Scrappy’s existence so thanks :sweat_smile:

Side-Note: It’s kinda funny to look back at how the franchise itself acknowledges the Scrappy hate and embraces it.

I was rewatching the Scooby Doo official parody of The Blair Witch Project and when Scrappy showed up in the woods everyone greeted him in the most unenthusiastic way and got annoyed talking to him lol

oh! and the live action movie that James Gunn wrote where he made Scrappy go full villain and killed him off lol

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That is probably the best explanation of the Scrappy hate. Messing with the formula is a big no-no for a lot of fans. My wife won’t watch episodes/movies where the whole gang isn’t involved. 13 ghosts of Scooby Doo, and Reluctant Werewolf are both off the list of things she will watch.

Kind of reminds me of the Poochy episode in the Simpsons.

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Those Parody shorts were amazing


Sweet ~


Ooh that sounds pretty cool. I hope it’s a bit more on the mature side

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I enjoyed the old Scooby 2002 and 2004 live movies but I feel like that was a one off thing. I’ll always prefer the cartoon versions. If they even try to do anything like “Velma” then I’m going to revolt.

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Well I’m one of those weirdos that kinda enjoyed Velma, so :speak_no_evil: :see_no_evil: :hear_no_evil:

I can respect that you enjoy it, but I feel like it is an abomination.


Trying to make eras for the movies.

DTV Era- Goes Hollywood through Arabian Knights. Middle Three are Hanna Barbera Superstar 10 subera.

Zombie Island through CyberChase is called Mook Era. They have a distinct style.

Legend of the Vampire and Monster of Mexico- Travelling and mixed up monsters era.

Loch Ness Monster- Samurai Sword- What’s New Era

Abradabradoo through Big Top- I call it Heroic era. Also called Brant/Cervone Era and Mystery Incorporated Era.

From Mask of the Blue Falcon onwards has been called crossover era. Can be divided between Curse of the 13th Ghost through Happy Halloween as awful interconnected era. Hard to really find clear era in this large time period.

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That’s a pretty succinct division of the animated era’s of the Scooby movies. Trying to categorize the latest movies into one group is definitely not obvious.

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Well, it’s certainly a very different approach to the IP. What don’t you like about the show?