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And another upcoming “Scooby-Doo and Guess Who” episode, when the Mystery Inc. gang meets Carol Burnett.

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What! Is she even still alive? This is going to be good. She is so funny​:laughing:

And there will be an upcoming “Scooby-Doo and Guess Who?” episode, when the Mystery Inc. gang meet their voices (Frank, Grey, Kate, and Matthew).

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No way. That is hilarious. Can’t wait

Oh nice! Where is that show available?

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I believe it is on Boomerang.


I have loved Scooby since I was a little kid, I have probably watched a few episodes from all the different series and a bunch of the movies.

My favorite shows have to be Scooby Doo & the 13 ghost, were all the monsters are real and The New Scooby-Doo Movies, since Scooby team up with different people like Batman & the Adams family in those.

and My favorite films are definitionally:

Scooby & The Reluctant Werewolf
Scooby-Doo & the Ghoul School
Scooby-Doo and the Witch’s Ghost - I wanted to see more of the Hex girls ok.

although I really did enjoy the shows Mystery incorporated, & pup named scooby doo has well.

I loved “and the Monster was really Red Herring” in a pup named scooby.
“No it wasn’t Freddy.”


Red herring is the best gag in A Pup Named Scooby-Doo!

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They make appearances in a couple other episodes. There is a recent Guess Who episode featuring them.

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IT’S REAL!!! :star_struck: :star_struck: :star_struck:

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Update: Just finished the Scooby Doo and Courage the Cowardly Dog movie. Loved it and exceeded expectations. Go in for a fun time and you won’t be disappointed and may even walk away with more than you expected ESPECIALLY if you’re a fan of Courage the Cowardly Dog. :wink:

My score: 9.5/10

Edit: R.I.P. Thea White (voice of Muriel). This was her final performance as the character and between the writing and her performance the movie reminded me of why Courage is so protective of her. Such a wholesome, loving and fun character.


How exciting! Thanks for the heads up. I’m terrible about release dates. I just bought it from amazon. I’ll have to see if the wife wants to watch it tonight. :0_scooby_doo_1:


OMG I’m home :sob::sob::sob:

So I’m just gonna say this. I love Mystery Incorporated, however I HATE what they did to Fred. And they’ve been doing for awhile now: Making him sorta dumb and clueless. Like sorry, Shaggy and Scooby are the comedic relief not Fred. Let Fred be smart again!

My favorites are of course SDWAY, The Scooby-Doo Show, What’s New, Mystery Incorporated, Zombie Island, Witch’s Ghost, Cyber Chase, Legend of the Vampire, Abracadabra, Camp Scare, Mask of the Blue Falcon, Curse of the 13th Ghost, the live action movies and Mystery Begins. Even Scoobynatural was great!

Is there a Scooby club on the forums yet and Has anyone seen the huge fan project coming to YouTube?

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The best thing about the Scooby-Doo shows and movies is that each one has a different feel. Like depending on the show, things can be silly or serious.

The only show I would say that Fred was really dumb would be Pup Named Scooby-Doo. He was just so stuck on Red Herring. But I think in some of the shows his obsessions really get in the way of good decisions.

Mystery Incorporated was so great! They broke a lot of thing in the previous series. I loved that it had an overall story across the show plus each episode had its own plot.

I don’t think there is a Scooby specific club I know there is an Animation club.

I created this topic for all the Scooby fans. Make sure you set the notifications to Watching to get notified when people post on here.

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Yeah the overarching story was great and something they should continue. However, I hated how they did Fred’s character. Pup Named I don’t think Fred was dumb but rather naive which people tend to grow out of as they get older.

Personally, I like when there’s a perfect combination of silly and “scary” like I love when they mix in horror elements making the monsters serious and scary while the Scooby and Shaggy (and sometimes the others when they’re included in the chase scenes) are silly. And am I the only one who’s noticed that chase scenes have kinda gone bye the wayside?

I love a good chase scene! Especially when half way through they end up doing the monsters nails or teaching it yoga or something.

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EXACTLY!!! I love that! Have you seen Scoobynatural? It’s pretty much all the silly that makes Scooby-Doo (including a great chase scene) and along with major horror! Perfect blend for me.

My favorite chase scene will always be Haunted House Hang-Up though. The song that has absolutely nothing to do with what’s going on :joy::joy::joy::joy:
:notes::musical_note:You’ve got to love the world, be a friend, and when you’re down you’ve got to get up again, and when you’re blue here’s what you do just sing a happy tune Badada Badada Badadadadadadadada​:notes::musical_note:

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I have not seen it but I remember hearing about it. Is it part of the Supernatural series or is it a movie?

It’s an episode of Supernatural.

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I ended up watching “Straight Outta Nowhere: Scooby-Doo! Meets Courage the Cowardly Dog” the other day. I loved it! I liked the combination of the two series. They mixed together in a delightful way. The story taking place in Nowhere was great! Gave some background on the town and why it was so crazy there. The monster was so creepy. Nothing bothers me more than gross bugs.

The Mayor, butler and maid were great! They were so nonchalant about chairs trying to eat the guests and the general madness that was going on in their town. I enjoyed the call back to “Young Frankenstein” whenever they said Frau Glockenspiel’s name, lightning would strike.

I could have lived without Eustace having his bling/hip-hop moment, a little cringe worthy, I guess it was appropriate for the title of the movie though. I loved how Eustace lumped Shaggy and Scooby-Doo together with Courage in his harassment.

@A1waysAJ there was a great hallway chase scene. Funny that we just discussed this.

The bad guy reveal at the end was great! I like that the gang was trying to take their faces off after the initial reveal.

Overall it was another great entry into my Scooby-Doo movie library.