Scooby-Doo Discussion

I’ve been a fan of the Scooby-Doo TV shows and Movies for a while and I thought I’d start a thread to talk about all things Scooby.

To kick things off I thought I’d share my collection with you all.

This isn’t everything since I’ve bought some movies digitally but this is the physical media that I’ve got. I’ve seen most of the tv shows and movies I have a dozen times, with the exception of the Richy Rich and Dynomutt episodes, my wife isn’t into them. There are lots of series that I haven’t seen yet in their entirety like Guess Who Scooby-Doo or the ones with Scrappy.

Then there are the comics that I’ve only scratched the surface of including Scooby-Doo Where are You. I never did finish Scooby-Doo Apocalypses. Scooby-Doo Team Up was just about perfect. I put together a list of the comic book series.

What doo you love in the Scooby-Doo franchise?


I love the monsters, comedy, and group dynamics. My favorites of the franchise are original series, Mystery Incorporated, and Zombie Island.

Worst of the franchise is Return to Zombie Island, Where’s my Mummy, and Arabian Nights.


The Mystery Incorporated cartoon was just about perfect.


I like that some of the movies follow the concept of the original series of debunking and solving mysteries. Then there are others like Zombie Island where there is overwhelming evidence that there is something supernatural going on.


That is the case in the original series with the haunted bone


Mystery Inc was so different in that it had an overall story arc rather than being a single story in an episode. I loved it!


That episode isn’t jumping out at me do you know the episode title?


Hassle in the Castle.

Villain is The Phantom (magician doing bed sheet ghost). Most famous for talking skull.



I have always loved the original Scooby Doo cartoon. I use to watch old VHS’s at my Grandparents and on the Boomerang channel when available. When I look back on them, I always get a kick out of them and love to see how animation was made back then. To see old school animation and to see the many flaws in it is quite informative, you can learn so much by just watching an episode. I’m not much into the newer stuff, but the original 69/70’s run of the show still holds a special place in my heart. Plus to have them on HBO Max is great, I can watch an old favorite of mine whenever I get bored.

I will admit, Mystery Incorporated was pretty awesome even though I prefer the old stuff.

Because I can’t help myself, Here are my top 10 episodes

  1. Foul Play at Funland (Charlie the Robot Episode)
  2. The Backstage Rage (Puppet Master Episode)
  3. Spooky Space Kook (Speaks for itself)
  4. A Gaggle of Galloping Ghosts (Classic Monsters Episode)
  5. Haunted House Hang-Up (Headless Spectre Episode)
  6. Bedlam in the Bigtop (Ghost Clown Episode)
  7. Nowhere to Hyde (Mr Hyde Episode)
  8. Hassle in the Castle (The Ghost Episode)
  9. A Night of Fright is No Delight (The Phantom Shadow Episode/The One They Did for Supernatural)
  10. Scooby’s Night with a Frozen Friend (The Caveman Episode)

And just to add some extra stuff Top 5 favorite monsters

5: The Headless Spectre = Loved the design

4: The Ghost Clown = Always thought he looked creepy

3: The Puppet Master = Looks like evil Batman

2: Charlie The Robot = The Most Original of all the Monsters

1: Space Kook = Perfect


I always enjoyed watching the original series when I was a kid. It has a certain nostalgia to it that I like since I would watch with my dad and he remembered watching it when he was growing up.
I like most of the Scooby movies but I think my favorite is the Ghoul School, I always had to watch that one atound Halloween.
I never read any of the comics until recently. I found the Scooby Team Up series on here when I had COVID in October. It was great and really helped me with my quarantine. A good lighthearted read that did not need a lot of attention to focus on plot points like some other comic series.


I watched Scooby and all growing up, loved some of the live action in high school. Scoob! was so good!


That is an impressive list. You really thought that through. All great episodes and bad guys.

I’ve never really been into making my own list but I’m a sucker for blog posts listing the top so-and-so.

Charlie the robot is a great one that stood out to me since he wasn’t a bad guy just a mystery. Having a robot serve me food was always a dream too.

Loved space kook’s costume but I can’t think of the plot of the episode.


It’s fun now seeing how many shortcuts they took with the animation. The background art is so good, really set the tone.


I thought I was the only one who knew about Ghoul School! Never thought to add it to my Halloween watch list. I usually watch Witch’s Ghost, Frankencreepy, and Goblin King. They just released last year, Happy Halloween Scooby-Doo which has Elvira in it.


Can you believe the lady who played Velma in the live action movies does her voice now?


We read a Scooby book a week or two ago in House of Horror and I really enjoyed it. I too have not yet finished Apocalypse but I have a feeling that will be changing in the near future.

On my quest to see everything that Cassandra Peterson (Elvira, Mistress of the Dark) has been in, I bought Lego Scooby: Haunted Hollywood and really enjoyed it. I just saw that she was in a new Halloween Scooby-Doo that is now on my Vudu wishlist. I really love it when to things I really like come together.

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I had such a huge crush on her LOL

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I really ought to go back and just watch Mystery Incorporated casually instead of trying to accompany my viewing experience with a podcast, but don’t know when that might happen.

Velma has always been my favorite character because she’s basically the female version of me (although she’s gay and I’m not and I’m Autistic and she’s not).

BTW, Linda Cardellini isn’t Velma’s primary voice actor. Kate Micucci is.


The thing is that there have been so many series that there have been a lot of interpretations of the characters with a variety of actors playing the roles.

My favorite Velma voice actor has to be Mindy Cohn. You’re right, Kate Micucci is Velma in SD and Guess Who. My mistake.

As much as I want one thing to be continuity with big franchises like Scooby Doo nothing outside the core character’s traits is really continuous. They may reference past hijinks in other stories but that is usually just something for the super fans. I try to roll with whatever version they are throwing out there at the time.

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You’re technically correct, but each of the Scooby Doo characters do have a ‘primary’ voice actor who has been responsible for bringing them to life in most of their appearances, and currently that team of actors is as follows:

  • Frank Welker (Fred and Scooby Doo)
  • Grey DeLisle AKA Grey Griffin (Daphne)
  • Kate Micucci (Velma)
  • Matthew Lillard (Shaggy)