Scooby Apocalypse

So I was reading the batman tmnt crossover and they have an add for scooby comics. Why cant I find them on here. That bums me out


Thanks for letting us know you’d be interested in seeing this title, @rpalanca1996.49154! :slight_smile: While things like licensing and other variables come into play to determine what is or could be made available, we’re always in the process of adding new content, and happily accept requests, so I’ll pass on yours to the team!


Same! The sad part for me is, I have the hard back issues up till like 22 but I can’t find them here :weary:. Why DC

Amazon kindle sells all of the 19 volumes for 399 each it’s not bad and I think it’s worth it

The assorted Scooby-Doo comics are off-limits to DCU for the forseeable future due to assorted reasons, chief among them that SD is a very popular property and having the books here could eat into sales of them, so the dog has to wait out in the yard until it’s master decides to put the Kibble out in the kitchen that we all get to eat in.

Same reason why Mister Miracle, Batman: White Knight and Watchmen aren’t here. :slightly_smiling_face:

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