Scooby Apocalypse when?

What it says on the tin; Scooby Apocalypse isn’t on the app and I wanna see who else wants it.

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I want it but heard DC recently lost the rights to publish Hannah Barberra books so don’t think it is in the cards.

@DTMO, what’s the happs on a supposed rights issue? Considering WB owns Hanna-Barbera and DC, I don’t see where a rights issue would exist.

I think they are trying to reintroduce Hanna Barbera as a family oriented property. Coming back with new shows and whatnot. Supposedly the hanna Barbera beyond line was too mature.

Which btw I think is a total shame! Loved those comics

I wondered how that worked myself. Just kept reading DC lost the license, so assume Warner doesn’t want them doing those comics.

They missed a golden opportunity to reboot Pirates of Dark Water in the new HB line. I would’ve bought that in singles and trades.