🔊Schedule Change Announcement: Saturday Morning Cartoons Become EVENING Cartoon

s!:full_moon_with_face:We’ve been having a lot of fun forcing some of you to get up early on Saturdays and watch cartoons with us, but we’re going to try something different moving forward. Due to a lot of feedback around your availability, we will be watching our cartoons as the sun sets
:full_moon_with_face:(7:00pm PST):full_moon_with_face:, rather than rises, Starting THIS Saturday, July 6th.

“What does this mean? How should I prepare?”

Not much else is different. We’ll still be nomming on cereal, and we’ll still be rocking 'toons. Mostly just be a bit more wary of vampires and werewolves.

As mentioned above, we’ll be kicking off Saturday Evening Cartoons this week on Saturday, July 6th at 7:00pm PST/10:00pm EST with the first three episodes of Young Justice: Outsiders, Part 2! We’ll be making our official post on it soon, so stay tuned!


Cool. Works for me, hopefully more people can join us.


Yes! I’ll actually be able to attend after my classes on Saturdays :slight_smile:


Oh sweet, thanks for this! I’ll see you all on Saturday then for some Young Justice: Outsiders :smiley:


Hey, I can do that! I’ve never really been able to do these watchalongs, but now I’ll be able to give one a shot.


I’m going to get very hungry by then


How does this work and how do we know what to watch

Well, that’s kind of a bummer to be honest. The fun of SMC was in watching cartoons in the morning.

I understand adjusting the timeframe to accommodate folks, and acquire a larger attendance and that’s fine, but the early morning get together was fun too.


Sounds like a job for the volunteers of WAL

So, like an adult swim forum?

The important question: Can I make NSFW jokes?

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Oh hey, if dirty jokes are present, I’m onboard.

I was already onboard anyway, so it’s win/win :smiley:


This is not so great for some of us on the East coast

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I have to agree 10 pm isnt that great for east coasters, im normally asleep by then or out with friends, mornings is a perfect opportunity they should split it to two different things then.

We are happy to take considerations for a different time! For those on the east coast, what is a time you would prefer? Saturday Morning Cartoons ran from 8:00am PST/11 am PST, but very few people on either coast could make it. Any feedback is welcome!

The trick is that it needs to be good for PST and EST. I think if you don’t have plans for a Saturday evening, then things start winding down by about 5 or 6pm. And 8pm or 9pm cartoons don’t seem too late for me on the East Coast. So, I’d toss out 530pm PST/830pm EST as a good time.

The time shift from morning would certainly be welcome. I loved Saturday Morning Cartoons as a kid, but these days I just have too much to do on Saturday mornings.


I second the 5/5:30 start time.


Who’s waiting until Saturday to watch the new Young Justice episodes? I’m trying to figure out if I should watch them now and rewatch with you all on Saturday, or if I should wait and wqtch them for the first time with you all. If people are mostly waiting, I’ll wait, but if people are watching them now, I might just do that.


@YoYoFroYo I personally did not wait to watch them. I’m going to watch them again for the WAL. These episodes have so much stuff packed in, a second watch is useful to keep track of what’s going on. And it’s fun to participate in the comments without fearing you’ll miss something you haven’t seen before.


The 8/11am time never worked because when it was starting I had left the house to do what I had to do and I never made it back in time. 10pm would work better for me but I’m a night owl, not everyone is.

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