Scavenger Hunt! (Planning)

Hi, all! I’ll be attempting something a little new in the coming weeks for the community… once a week, I plan on posting a series of screen caps from comics and videos on DC Universe. Whoever identifies each of them first claims a point on the scoreboard!

My question is this: what day of the week would you like this to happen, and at what time? I like the idea of running a fixed schedule weekly event, but I’m not sure when the best time would be to place it. So give me your opinions and suggestions here!


6 pm Sundays


Monday nights are good for me. Like 8 or 9pm.

what time zone? I’m eastern

I am on eastern time here. I will participate as long as it the time is any time after 6 pm for whatever night is selected. Only time I won’t participate is if it conflicts with supervision with my practicum. I seriously love this idea!

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When you get your own half hour show at DC Universe, the title should be QUESTION EVERYTHING.

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I vote for Wednesdays. It everybody an end of one week and the start of another to give their answers

What a fun idea!


You beat me, HCQ! I was going to try and do something like this for Easter. Oh well, Fridays 8 PM EST works for me, but I’m not picky.