Scarecrow or Bane

Who would win?

Scarecrow- Has fear toxin which can bring out everyone’s deepest fears, and also has a little bit of martial arts experience

Bane- Very smart and already strong, before the venom which enhanced his strength

And also, who do you personally think is cooler? (I’m torn between who I like more😂)

Bane. He’d beat Scarecrow into paste and snap him like a twig.


Bane would win, after all, in the Dark Knight Rises (while it is not fully accurate to the comics) depicts Bane as a member of the League of Shadows and was born in darkness and “molded by it”.

As for which is cooler, I think Scarecrow. There was more emphasis on him in Arkham Asylum, plus messing with the mind can hurt more than breaking bone.

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Yeah, Bane would probably suffer a little from the poison, but then crush him.

Personally, I think Scarecrow is a little cooler, but I don’t know if I like bane or scarecroe more, because they are both interesting


Bane, I don’t think he’s afraid of anything!

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I feel that Bane would be able to overcome whatever psychological fear Scarecrow’s toxin would induce then it would be back breaking time!

I like Bane more. Scarecrow is cool but Bane is more strategic and can attack his foes from multiple perspectives. Scarecrow just use’s his fear toxins.

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I feel like deep down, scarecrow is much more then just fear toxin though


Like for example, there’s the scarebeast that he can turn into, which unlike Crane who isn’t the best at fighting, is a monster that can tear things to shreds

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If we’re gonna say who’s the best villain in comparison, I’d go with Bane purely because he understood how to break the Bat both physically, and mentally. He knew The Batman would never sleep while every criminal from Arkham was released. He knew by the time Batman finished cleaning up things that he’d be worn out. He then even figured out who Batman was and had the balls to break his back at Wayne Manor. Overall for me while I prefer the themes of Scarecrow, Scarecrow himself hasn’t come close to destroying Bruce as badly as Bane ever did.

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@TheScarebeast, ok fair point I forgot about that.

I think Bane would beat Scarecrow, but I think Scarecrow is cooler!

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Does Bane even fear anything tbh?

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I feel like I have to point out that this actually happened in Forever Evil: Arkham War. Bane won.

Bane, easily.

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I’d say if he timed it just right and pumped enough of a volume of fear toxin into Bane to get it to work, Scarecrow could theoretically get the upper hand.

But let’s face it. In hand-to-hand combat, Bane could easily snap Scarecrow in half like a twig.