Bring back Swamp Thing!!!


I agree Swamp Thing was better than Doom Patrol and Titans


Agreed love it and I hope and pray someone picks it up for a season 2 cause the way it needed man left it completely open

I would not go as far to say Swamp Thing was better than Doom Patrol, however I found Swamp Thing very entertaining and was looking forward for more. It is sad to think it will only go for one season. I was looking forward to more mystical characters to join in with Blue Devil and the Phantom Stranger as guest stars.

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Just finished the last episode, and it would be great to have more!

Seriously though, how does Titans get a second season and not Swamp Thing?

Can we like make a petition to have Swamp Thing picked up for another season. I mean the last 3 mins of the last episode had me like wtf :eyes::eyes::eyes:. Please please Swamp Thing needs to come back it’s an amazing show


More Swamp Thing


What will you do for another season of Swamp Thing? I will do anything for another season since it had become my favorite show ever since I love the horror DC Universe in which we need more of.

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Every show that got picked up for outside DCU distribution got a second season. ST didn’t get picked up. Combine that with its $80 million production budget, and look at the massive loss WB/DC took on the show. It’s totally understandable why ST isn’t getting a second season. Would you pony up $80 million for what had to be at least a $60 million loss?


They canceled the show shortly after airing episode one. It was dead on arrival.

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In every save swamp thing thread I see, desade is always there.


I never seen anyone so happy about a show getting cancelled.

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Shows are often shopped before they are complete.

I bring up the issue because it is a salient point. It’s nothing against the actual show. I’m glad that ST fandom got in all seriousness the best ST show to date.

However, folks claiming that ST NEEDS a second season or that the WB/DC powers that be don’t give a rats about the fans is just an argument that doesn’t hold water.

We didn’t know for a long time if DP would get a second season and it only did once it was picked up by HBO. ST fate may befall HQ and/or Stargirl if the $$$ don’t add up. In a best case scenario WB/DC lost over $60 million on that show. Even people who think it’s the best thing since the invention of the wheel have to step back and see that comics is a business and doing a second season of ST right now is just a thoroughly bad business decision.

I was seriously bummed Constantine only got 13 episodes, but, I could at least have empathy as to why. If it had made money, it would have gotten more episodes. The sad truth, like many shows before it, is the same. Taking a gamble on a season is a good idea, but if it doesn’t pan out, which most shows don’t, producers have to be responsible and cut their losses.

If ST made even close to its production costs, I honestly believe it would have gotten a second season, as it stands WB/DC lost over 75% of its investment in ST. Is keep an investment that loses 75% of its value, with no sign of ever making it that back, an investment real people would make with their real money? I’ve asked that question a lot and have yet to hear a “yes” from anybody.

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