Saturday Evening Cartoons - Young Justice: Outsiders Ep.20 8/3 @7:30pmPT/10:30ET

I can’t take all the lies. screams

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Does Helga Jace annoy anyone else?

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Jace’s mentor hasn’t been namedropped yet has it? She keeps mentioning it, but do we have any clue?

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I don’t believe they’ve been mentioned, @Eenkin.

Umm… what was wrong with the coloring of superboy when black lightning said metron will fix vic?

I just can’t get over Kaldur’s new look. :smiley:

Doing bad things is OK if you feel bad about it.

This scene is killing me. :sob:

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This is so sad for Gabrielle’s family. Seeing their daughter back only to hear from her that she’s going to die.

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And well… that their daughter is not their daughter anymore, sort of.

I think definitely won’t like it is an understatement…

Agreed, @Eenkin. And now they have to learn she’s been dead all along? That is horrifying.

“Motherbox Gabrielle Halo Violet” That’s quite a mouthful!

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no, but yes… okay… so does that just comes out yes then?

Garbrielle’s family seems to have been after so much. It’s amazing how understanding the mother is.

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Does that mean Tara is softening up?

Awww, Tara. I just want you to come back to the side of good.

I do hope so, @Eenkin!

Um… what is going on in the background sounds in the credits?

somebody shushed. and acrash!

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well, someone’s going to have to pay beast boy for those damages

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