Sandman on Netflix?!

Why is Sandman going to be on Netflix and not here??? First they cancel Swampthing, the best thing they’ve made so far, now they’re sending dc shows to be made elsewhere!!! Are they trying to push people away from this service? I want this to do well so badly but the lack of original content is frustrating.


There are plenty of originals coming to this service. If I was to guess why (emphasis on guess, since I don’t have any inside information), Netflix is probably willing to pay a lot. A lot more that WB can make off of this small, niche service. And it sounds like it will be an expensive show to make. If they put it in a platform where they won’t make as much money as they spent, then that’s not a very good business decision. Like I said, these are only guesses.


I’m sure not only Netflix paid a lot for the rights, they overpaid to secure those rights. They know that since the Marvel shows are gone and Stranger Things is winding down they no longer have a cultural-phenomenon type of show and they’re trying to find the next one. They have a few such things in development like The Witcher and Narnia, but Sandman, if done right, would blow up.


I’m pretty sure Netflix paid a pretty penny.

Hopefully WB puts that money I. The DCU coffers to

a: recoup some of the expected losses from ST since it still hasn’t been bought internationally.

B: use it to pay for more DCU Originals content. Doom Patrol season 2, another YJ season and maybe a new GLAS. Maybe even a live action version of DC Bombshells


WB was never going to put all their eggs in one basket. Disney isn’t either.


Look at the reporting at reputable sources. Words like “massive financial” are used. This is going to be a very expensive series to do right, and result in serious revenue for WB. One way this app stays healthy is by watching the bottom line not chasing productions it cannot justify financially. Money matters. This is good news for everyone.


Th show sounds interesting. But just a thought I had. Maybe the show was already in talks to be on Netflix before DC Universe was out so they already had a deal to make it with Netflix. But it’s probably more financially than anything.


Netflix is getting sandman cuz they paid a lot of money for it

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I also did the same double take, saying “but phantom stranger JUST sang about him in the new Swamp thing?”

I absolutely love this application! Seriously! I really enjoy the forums, shows and comics, albeit I think the powers from above being Warner Brothers, wanted a big show to reach a broader audience. Maybe I have a hot take on this, but I believe that a character like Sandman has a broader appeal than that of Doom Patrol specifically due to creator clout. When I ask my friends, co-workers and family what they read, 75% of the books they read are from Neil Gaiman whether they know it or not. It’s definitely an over-exaggeration, but I am being honest. I think DC Universe, while amazing, has hit most of the hardcore DC Comics audience, and isn’t particularly advertised to a massive, sprawling audience like Netflix. As sad as I am that the show will not be premiering on this streaming service. I am extremely happy that this show can be campaigned to a much larger audience and maybe even inspire a larger group of people to start reading more comics and get in on deep cut characters and storylines!

I mostly use this app for its comic collection and (obviously) the community, so the TV stuff doesn’t really bother me. Honestly they’re probably putting Sandman on Netflix for three reasons:

  1. A Netflix show can afford a way bigger budget than a DCU show (just compare the effects of Doom Patrol with the effects of, say, Stranger Things)

  2. A Netflix show will attract a much larger audience (who, in DC’s thinking, might then read the Sandman comics)

  3. Finally, (I don’t know exactly how much this played into the decision but I doubt it was insignificant) Lucifer is now technically a Netflix Original

Follow the money. DCU doesn’t generate enough revenue to afford 80 million dollar shows, certainly on a consistent basis.

Take the LARGE chunk of cash from Netflix and expand your brand beyond Supes and the Bat. Do DCU Originals they can keep here and sell internationally, let Pennyworth & Sandman bring you in money without having to spend much of it.

For those fans of Sandman

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