Sandman coming to Netflix

Just read an article talking about DC signing a highly lucrative (most expensive Netflix series yet) deal to bring a live action Sandman show to Netflix.
Wonder why they would do that when
A. They already have their own streaming service, and
B. Warner is going to have one soon as well.
Seems odd to me. Thoughts?


I was questioning why the show wasn’t going to be on here too when I first heard it but then I realized something. When Lucifer got let go by Fox it got picked up by Netflix. Lucifer got his start in Sandman so maybe they going to crossover. Also the Netflix audience is already familiar with Lucifer so puting another Vertigo character who’s very close to that world is a good thing. Plus if DC is actively working with Netflix to produce content and not just distributing the DCU originals maybe they would be willing to pick up Swamp Thing.


Because of the Money Warner Brothers can get NOW, not waiting for their streaming service in the future.

Netflick also has way more members than our service and can pay much more.

And Warner Brothers already gets all the money from this service. It cant get any more. The only increase in money would be a possible increased membership due to the series being on our service. How much increase who knows?

Money from Netflick is from outside of Warner Brothers and is certain and real money income.

From the Article.

Netflix has signed what sources describe as a massive financial deal with Warner Bros, Television to adapt the best-seller into a live-action TV series. Sources familiar with the pact note it is the most expensive TV series that DC Entertainment has ever done.

So Warner Brothers gets money from a licensing deal plus money from producing the series, all for a large, known, certain amount of money from Netflick.

I can see why people are annoyed it isn’t coming to DC Universe, but I can see several reasons that might not be the best move. In addition to what other people have said, two things came to mind.

First, we are seeing a streaming service boom which means eventually (probably between five-ten years in my completely off the cuff estimation) we will see a streaming service bust. Nobody knows which streaming services will be left standing. Even the big boys might fall. Remember, AskJeeves and Yahoo were once the kings of the search engines. Sometimes titans fall, and sometimes nobodies get big. Everybody laughed at Twitter. Point being, it makes some sense for DC to diversify their investments. Sure, they could pour all their resources into DC Universe, but DC Universe might flop or just have limited appeal that will never grab the mainstream. It might also explode. Who knows? By putting their content on different platforms, DC is making a safer bet that they will continue to make money and expand their brand.

Second, Netflix is on its bacukfoot these days. They are in debt like crazy, competition is getting fierce, Disney is launching their streaming service which is looking to be a behemoth and Disney is taking it’s properties with them. The largely successful Marvel Netflix series are going away. Netflix will either have to double down to be one of the last streaming services standing after the bust and reap the rewards later or they will fold. They know Marvel properties are at best limited and maybe entirely gone, so perhaps they are willing to throw tons of money at DC not just because they think the property itself will be that good but because they want to fight for the comic nerd diehards.

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I’m just glad it’s going to exist, regardless of the platform


^This. I don’t care where I have to go to enjoy DC content, as long as there is DC content to enjoy.

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Money. If swamp thing was too expensive then a more expensive show is unlikely.


The Hollywood Reporter uses phrases like “massive financial” in its article. To do right, this is going to be expensive.

It also might not be in on here because the deal or whatever it was for the show was made before DC Universe was out. But it was probably financial reasons. And expanding the brand.

Im excited for this

I can’t help but wonder why I subscribed to this service when they canceled one of three good shows and are putting new shows on other streaming services. Stargirl is pushed back to 2020? What other new shows are coming? Anything? What the heck is going on?

My conspiracy-theorist brain says it’s just another step towards Warner Media buying Netflix in order to compete with the Disney+ and Hulu tag-team.

What? Of course I’m wearing my tin-foil hat. It’s Monday.


You never know maybe it’ll end up here after it goes to Netflix

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I wouldn’t be opposed to WM buying Netflix.

It’s something of a surprise that nobody has tried to buy them.


Or maybe it was driven by Netflix’s need to keep the CW shows on theor service because they’re so popular with their clients. So maybe that was part of it.

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But what’s really being forgotten here, my good peeps, is that Sandman is coming!


@nightwing won’t be a crossover cuz Lucifer got cancelled again by netflix