Sad about Son of Kal-El's Cancelation

I know it happened a while ago, but I am legit sad this title got canceled. It was written by Tom Taylor, a writer I liked, so I checked it out. It’s the book that pushed me to check out a few more modern Superman stories. And I think the premise of this book really shows just how strong legacy is at DC. To have his son begin the journey to actually take over for him would have been a huge step in DC mythology actually evolving. Maybe that’ll still happen down the road.

And I’m just gonna say it - I much prefer “For Truth, Justice, and a Better Tomorrow”. The original Superman motto made sense considering who created him and the time pwriod he debuted in. But this new motto is much more appropriate for what Superman should stand for



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Son of Kal-El was a pretty rad mag.

Have you checked out its follow-up, Adventures of Superman: Jon Kent, yet? #1 is new to DCUI as of this week.

#2 is new to retail this week and features a rather surprise ending.


Being on mobile sucks sometimes - thanks! :sweat_smile:


Read the first issue!


“Survey says?”


I really like this run. Is it my favorite or a classic, no. I think it never reaches a high level for me that I say it becomes my favorite of that year. I have to believe it might be because Jay Nakamura is involved in a good portion of that book than I thought he should have been, and I honestly don’t have strong opinions about his character enough for me to care about him being the first male love interest to Jon or his connection with the main villain here.

The Wildstorm incorporation of Bendix is so good for newcomers and how I want to see more Wildstorm characters adapted in the future. Seeing Dreamer and the revolutionary again was so awesome. I really like how this run does a progressive hero, and found those themes handled well with the superhero aspects. These covers really do injustice to the actual stories

Again while not my favorite I admire so much for what this series did and can’t wait to read more Johnathan Kent in Adventures Of Superman: Jon Kent.


As a big WildStorm fan, I was happy to see Bendix serve as Jon’s first adversary in his Superman capacity.

It was a nice parallel to Clark’s adventures with The Authority in Superman and The Authority.


Good. Hard for me to judge a single comic issue unless it does something significant. I will have more fleshed out thoughts once I read through the entire story


I liked the series – I had my criticisms of it, where much like Taylor’s other on-going book the pacing felt weird and stretched out longer than it should have been, but the character beats in each issue made it worth it. I wasn’t convinced about Jay at first, but by the end of the series I thought he had a good hook and was a solid fit for Jon. Now if only someone can do that for Tim and Bernard…