Ryan North and Derek Charm Bring Middle Grade Magic to Constantine

Detective. Occultist. Hellblazer. Preteen?

John Constantine has been many things since his debut in 1985, but you’ve never seen him quite like this. The Mystery of the Meanest Teacher: A Johnny Constantine Graphic Novel introduces us to an underage Constantine as the magic-wielding mischief maker comes to the United States to go to boarding school. There he’ll find himself completely out of his depths when he finds himself going head-to-head against a teacher who may be a witch. Getting to the bottom of this magical mystery will take befriending a fellow young magician and obtaining help from a familiar rhyming demon.

Hey, he might be young, but he’s the same old Constantine.

To read the interview with Ryan North and Derek Charm and learn a little more about The Mystery of the Meanest Teacher, head over to DC Comics!

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@KookieSuperApe I remember you asking about this :eyes:

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Great to see this alternative version of the “Heckblazer”.


A middle grade version of Constantine is not something I expected to see. But this looks great!


Ryan North has long been one of my favorite writers on the internet, with such classics as Dinosaur Comics and Romeo and/or Juliet. His particular brand of audacity is exactly the right tone to bring for- of all things- a middle grade adaptation of DC’s most mature character.