Rumors about batman beyond season 4?

So a friend and I were talking at work and he was telling me about some rumor that there may be a season 4 for the beloved batman beyond series dependent on the sales for the recently released blu-ray collection. Has anyone heard anything along these lines?


No, but that’s sounds dope.


Seriously?! Please!


If I recall the original context, it was more like the proliferation of ANY project at DC depends on the success of prior installments. So it applies as much to Batman Beyond as anything.

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That makes a lot of sense, thanks for clearing that up!

No. But honestly, can we the fans do for Batman Beyond to what we did for Young Justice and overwatch it on Netflix (or DC Universe app). Because if we do that, then the outcome of showing nonstop support may make it happen. Just a theory.


They Shud Bring Batman Beyond Back For More Seasons