Rumor: Titans coming to HBO Max?

Yesterday it was reported by reliable entertainment site Full Circle that, according to the Titans Facebook Group (which has been the first to report on casting in the past), Titans will be airing on both DC Universe and HBO Max like Doom Patrol and Harley Quinn in the near future/when season three debuts. Note, neither DC or HBO Max has confirmed this report as of yet.


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I’m skeptical on the validity of this. The real source is the Titans FB page, and the news article doesn’t have any links/images from the group, which is private so most people can’t even look for themselves. Plus nobody else is reporting on this. I’m not saying it’s impossible, but this alone isn’t that convincing to me


I saw that too. It is a facebook group and the moderator of it and groups for pretty much all DCU (and I think he has a group for each of the arrowverse shows) clearly has connections somewhere and loves to constant girl vauge hints for attention.

He usually isn’t that specific and honestly am a little surprised. He could be right but he also told everyone when Swamp Thing’s cancellation leaked “don’t worry it is fine” and well… we all know how that worked out. He also corrected someone incorrectly on where Swamp Thing was filmed and didn’t respond when about a dozen people corrected it. (I mean all things considered he almost surely just got confused and knew where it was filmed since that was hardly a secret, but kind of annoyed there was no “ooops my bad”.

Don’t get me wrong, he does clearly know people involved somehow so it might be right. But given most are predicting this and for some reason he felt comfortable but no other entertainment source had reported this, it also feels like one of those “I am going to say I got a source that told me the thing everyone already assumes will happen will happen… then I can say I told you so when it happens”. I mean seriously even if it ends up going to HBO MAX people have been predicting that since before DC Daily got cancelled and started the latest round of “DCU is done”. And two other shows have already dropped on HBO MAX also, and Stargirl is moving off, So is that really proof of a source? I would be more impressed if someone said they have a source Titans would continue to be exclusive to DCU and it came true.


Every rumor has turn on to be true. Swamp to cancel, Stargirl CW Co share,

Lance is pretty spot on with most thing, he has enough connections. God, he has the members of Star Girl as members in the group and they post messages up! He has cast and crew of Titans in he group as well. It’s pretty obvious this is going to happen, I’m a bit surprised it isn’t going to Netflix tho, as they have the international streaming rights. Either way, the more people watching these shows the better, I would rather that than them being canceled.

As far as I seen it’s not a rumor it’s going to be confirmed in there event in August

Until we see something confirmed by a verified source, it’ll be treated as rumor.

Hopefully we’ll have a clearer picture next month during Fandome


Read another way, the story here is: DC Universe will still be around when Titans S3 comes out.