Rumor: David Bautista wants to leave marvel in favor of getting a lead role. What DC roIe could he play?

I think he would make the perfect BANE
Who should be the lead for the villain in the upcoming Batman movies?


Oh yea most definitely batista would make an excellent bane that would be sweet john cena in suicide squad 2 batista in batman and the thing that might help batista jump to dc is that dc has james gunn now and batista said in interviews hes a huge fan of james gunn and would love to do a dc movie with him


I could see him as KGBeast.


I really wanted him to play Peacemaker for Gunn :frowning:


He was originally going to be part of Suicide Squad 2, but had to drop out due to scheduling conflicts.


If DB had played Peacemaker, I wonder if he would have worn the helmet throughout the movie or ditched it after his first scene.

Guy Gardner? To answer my own question, heck yes.


@msgtv Wow, never thought about it but it’s actually a great idea.

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Captain Atom

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Alright, I’m gonna go against type here and suggest something so crazy it might just work: Martian Manhunter.

Andre Bruagher IS Martian Manhunter. I mean look at him:
He was born for it.


Martian Manhunter? Hell to the naw naw!

Bane, Darkseid or Hawkman. Anybody else would be a bust and a waste


I’m not saying he should be first choice (Andre all the way), I just think he could do a pretty good job if given the chance.
I know he’s supposed to be the “goofy former wrestler guy,” but I think Bautista is honestly a better actor than people give him credit for. He definitely brings a lot of heart (as evidenced in the Guardians films) and he is a commanding presence (as seen in Blade Runner 2049). Not saying the guy’s an Oscar contender or anything, only that I think he could surprise us if cast outside type.
But yeah, Andre Braugher should be first choice for MM, followed by Lance Riddick.

I always saw Guy Gardner as Nick Nolte (which is a huge departure from DB).

To me, Guy was always the everyman who kept getting mowed over by life. His willpower made him a powerhouse, not his physical presence. He was never a monster of a man who could handle everything.

I know the art of the past decade has made all the Green Lanterns into muscle bound giants. But I never liked that.

its been a long time since he was Pembleton on Homicide, but his role in that was one of the best acting roles ive ever seen. that and Idris Elba as Stringer Bell. this world needs David Simon to write a Batman or Green Lantern. Andre is better suited for MM and not a John Stewart. too old to play the young GL

I want a James Gunn written and directed Lobo movie starring Dave Bautista.

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