[RR: Damian Wayne] Week 17: Storybook Endings [10/5-10/18]

Greetings Everyone @RenegadeRobinsClub!

We have come to the end of one era for our favorite prickly Robin and will soon embark on another in a new and rebooted DC landscape.

That being the case I want to not only read these final two issues of this era and talk about them but to reflect on everything that came before in much the same way as Batman #713 does in recapping the Pre-Flashpoint era. So off we go.

“The Man Who Laughs”. This must be a coincidence right?

What to Read

* Batman and Robin #26

* Batman #713

Discussion Questions

  1. In our first story Batman and Robin have travelled overseas to aid Nightrunner with a breakout at France’s version of Arkham Asylum. What did you think of of this team up?

  2. These villains were an unusual lot weren’t they? Is there any one of them you would have liked to learn more about?

  3. Batman #713 isn’t your typical Batman story. Did you enjoy it or was it just filler in your mind?

  4. Was there anything that struck you or that you feel was revealing of se headspace Damian was in as he recounted the history of Batman and Robin up to the moment?

  5. Of all the stories we’ve covered thus far which has been the one that sticks in your head the most and why does it do so?

And so we bid a fond farewell to the Pre-Flashpoint era and to the Reborn Dynamic Duo of Dick and Damian.


But do not worry my friends. As the above panel states it is never the end for Batman and Robin. We will be joining a new Dynamic Duo soon and Robin shall rise again. A new era New allies. New villains. And new friends. Coming in 2021.

Join RENEGADE ROBINS for all your Jason and Damian needs.

Next Time

  • RR:Red Hood: Red Hood, the Outlaws and the Agents of S.H.A.D.E.

And in Two

  • RR:DW: Damian Wayne: Vampire Slayer?"

(Yes, you’re reading that right!) Halloween stories featuring Damian Wayne done in conjunction with one of DCU’s newest clubs: HOUSE OF HORROR!

Hope to see you there!


I think I read that last B&R issue last time…

And I was okay with 713 until it started pulling that “Bad Robin” stuff with Jason.

Yeah. When I say I was tired of the whole “Bad Robin” stuff this issue was the straw that broke the camels back for me.

On the other hand Damian was the one telling the story there and we all know his thoughts on how inferior all the other Robins are compared to himself. For him, Jason is bottom of the barrel as far as Robins go.

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That gets to another problem, though: the narrator doesn’t sound like Damian…

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That’s true. Damian’s voice here is just doesn’t sound right to me either. For starters he doesn’t expound on Jason’s faults and for another he doesn’t find a way to slip in some snide comment about Tim.

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