[RR:Damian Wayne] Week 13 Batman, Incorporated Vol. 1 Part One of Two[8/10-8/23]

Hello all. We have come to a pivotal story in the life of Damian Wayne. Everything that has gone on before has been leading to this point and there will be consequences for everyone including Damian himself. This story even manages to survive the N52 reboot somewhat intact. I am, of course, talking about Batman, Incorporated. This month we will be reading Volume One of Morrison’s opus in two sessions. (We will be covering Volume Two at a later time.)

This Week’s issues

* Batman, Inc. (Vol. 1) #1-4


Will be completely open. No actual questions involved just post your thoughts on these issues and if these issues happen to be new to you I would be very interested on your take on them as a first time reader. Also for those who have read it please keep spoilers to a minimum and use the spoiler tag.

And that’s all for this week y’all.

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This series is the payoff for everything Morrison has been doing until now. There were plenty of head-scratching moments before Batman’s “death” that just felt like weird self-indulgent tangents, but they suddenly all become relevant with the introduction of an international Bat-team.


Knowing Morrison and the way he had of trying to make bits and pieces of Bat history relevant again I would guess that his inspiration for Batman, Inc. came from the old “Batmen of All Nations” idea that was introduced back in Detective Comics #215. There are certainly parallels that can be drawn between them.

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I feel a little bummed when seeing Lord Death Man in this story, considering that Jiro Kuwata just passed. It’s cool to see the character in normal continuity, of course.


I really liked the Jiro Kuwata Batmanga. I own all three volumes that came out thanks to a great Christmas gift from my sister one year.

In case anyone in @RenegadeRobinsClub is interested the three chapter Lord Death Man story is found in the Jiro Kuwata Batmanga available right HERE on DC Universe.


Yep – all the characters were reintroduced initially in Morrison’s “Club of Heroes” arc during his run on Batman, in issues #667-669.

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These are really fun stories. The first two have some great/sexy interactions with Batman and Catwoman, while the second two create some amazing intrigue with the origin of the Ouroboros, as well as being able to rationalize and make sense of the weird continuity that was the original Kathy Kane Batwoman.