Rough Draft #1: A New Superman Movie Series

Introducing Rough Draft: where ideas that are still in the process of being heavily refined are brought forth to gauge the public’s interest in them.

Plenty of people want more Superman movies, and I’m certainly amongst that group, so I got to thinking of what I’d like to see in a modern day Superman movie series and jotted those ideas down.

This is strictly very rough draft material and it is not fine tuned and 100% polished by any means whatsoever. This is not a roadmap for a series or anything like that. I’m simply throwing out my ideas as they came to me.

Without further ado, and to quote Superman himself: “Up, up and away!”

These ideas constitute a new Superman movie series that is fully ensconced in the DCEU. The Superman in these films would be the same iteration that Henry Cavill played, regardless if Cavill was playing him or not.

The number of movies isn’t set, but three is the most likely quantity.

The basic points:

A. The first movie efficiently re-introduces established Superman based characters from the previous DCEU movies. Lex Luthor is now akin to John Byrne’s take on him. Eisenberg could still play him, but he’d be much more of the Lex we know, and less of the maniacal version seen in BvS.

A new villain would serve as the main antagonist for the first movie, while Luthor orchestrates things from behind the curtains. I haven’t yet been solidified who this adversary would be, but it would absolutely be someone that’s new to the big screen.

As this new villain antagonizes Superman, Luthor would be pulling their strings from the shadows.

B. Introduce Hank Henshaw as a supporting character in the first movie who will eventually become Cyborg Superman or The Cyborg in the second movie and serve as that film’s antagonist.

There’d have to be some very heavy modification to CS from his comic roots, since he came about as a result of The Death of Superman, and that story doesn’t need to be rehashed in live action right now.

John Henry Irons would be introduced and would be built up becoming Steel. Maybe Clark and John are already friends before the first movie begins? Maybe John built the Steel armor after Superman died in BvS, but for whatever reason, he has yet to use it.

Introduce The Cadmus Project, Guardian, S.T.A.R Labs and Shay Veritas throughout the first and second movies in logical ways.

Kara Zor-El would factor into the proceedings of the first two movies as well. She would likely be a heavy plot element in the first movie and gradually ascend to the role of Supergirl as the trilogy unfolds.

C. The third movie would be centered around The Superman Revenge Squad. The main villains of the two previous entries would join with other foes that are mentioned by name as well as briefly seen in the prior installments, along with one new to the series villain to keep things fresh for the third movie. Lex would command them from afar.

We’d see a battle royale between Superman and the allies he’s made in the previous movies and the Revenge Squad. After the RS is defeated, Luthor refuses to accept defeat at the hands of his greatest nemesis and we are then treated to our first live action rendition of Lex in his power armor taking the fight to Superman. This allows us to see Lex in a way that is completely new and different from any previous version of him on film.

So, that’s it right now. Again, this is a collection of completely random ideas and is absolutely not indicative of what the final product would evolve into.

It should also be mentioned that the first movie in this series would potentially be titled “Superman: New Horizons”. The sequels would likely have varying titles and the whole caboodle would ultimately be known as “The Superman: New Horizons Trilogy”.

In case anyone is wondering: No, this is not something that is in any kind of development with WB. It is simply a collection of random thoughts I’ve jotted down that I am curious to collect constructive opinions on.

I wanted to emphasize that particular point just so that nobody mis-understands and we’re all crystal clear on what this is. Mmmkay?

What do we think? Constructive analysis is welcome :slight_smile:


A couple other points to mention (and continuing from where my previous points concluded):

D. Superman would have adventures outside of Earth. By adding elements of that nature to the Superman movie mythos, we’re getting fresh and new plot material and settings that have never been seen in previous Superman movies.

E. Lobo would be in at least one of these movies. He has the potential to be a villain, comedic relief and/or an anti-hero.

Th-th-that’s all folks =)


I wish we could make your Superman flick in the late 90s/early 2000s and cast Clancy Brown as Lex.

I think Metallo would be a great starter villain for you. Perfect puppet for Lex while still being a legit threat to Big Blue.

Brainiac would be a cool choice for the secret big bad of your trilogy. Introduce him at the end of 2nd film. In similar spiritual fashion to how he showed up in JLU.

Ya know…I think the first movie should just be a creature feature.

Have Titano run around and smash the **** out of eveything.

No, not really :wink:


Knowing Warners they might like that idea