Rotating Comics is a Terrible Idea

Being told to hurry up and read something really sucks. Being told what you were reading has now vanished is even worse. Please reconsider this approach.


Read the first three Identity Crisis and then all but the first ish were deleted. That stinks.

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I’ve heard they may reconsider this.


It’s weird, but I saw Identity Crisis 1-7 today while looking through the app.

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If you download them all, I think you can continue reading post-removal if you disable wifi and open the app. It goes straight to your downloads in offline mode.

Nice tip Blake. I wish they’d just have a date for when they’re getting rotated out.

I have no problem with them rotating them but the way they have done it is horrible. At least leave something up for a month or two and let us know how long they will be available. I got cut off when the comics hadn’t even been available for 2 weeks. I recommended a friend subscribe so he could read what I was reading and the comic was gone his first day on. There is a smarter way to do this.


I think there should at least be a collection of permanent comics, such as introductory arcs linked to characters’ encyclopedia entries. Introductory arcs are often good jumping off points for people interested in a character, so this method could still encourage readers to pay a monthly fee for accessing more stories about the character (assuming $$$ is the goal of the rotation).