Role Reversal comic series?

I’m looking for a comic series with role reversals. For instance, Joker is still the Joker, and Batman is still Batman, except Batman is bad, Joker is good. I’d really like to see Joker hunt down Batman, and figure out what Batman is doing, with all the Joker stuff he does. If anyone knows a series like this, please leave it in the comments! Thanks in advance

What an interesting question, @Meekeey. Batman: White Knight immediately comes to mind for me, but I am not sure if it quite fits your criteria of Batman and the Joker maintaining their original personas.

What I will do is pop your thread over to the Comic Book section here in a moment, where it might get a little more attention. :slight_smile:

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I’ve been playing around with this idea for years. I think it has a ton of potential.

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@Zatanna thanks, I was trying to figure out which thread to put it in. I’ll also check out White Knight