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Was considering getting a fire stick or roku so I can easily watch Doom Patrol with my friends. Is the app on the Roku and does it work pretty well for those who have it?

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Hey Tromeo - The app is available on both devices. :slight_smile:

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Watching shows on the firestick works fine. The problem is trying to read comics in the firestick. Most comics don’t load. I’ve asked for help several times but it seems to be falling on deaf ears.

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I don’t know about firesticl but in very happy with Roku and the dc app for it

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Roku okay except when the panel view for Comic breaks down… you have to backtrack, reset, but it’s it’s a small detail …hopefully they’ll get it all ironed out soon. Overall Roku is a great experience for viewing the movies and TV series and reading comics on your giant TV.

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Roku has a very simple and clean interface. Only thing that seems to not be present is the “Favorites” list. I can’t seem to find it anywhere.

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Thanks for all the help :slight_smile:

If you get a Roku, you can watch the Adam West Batman show for free on the Roku Channel.

So on my Roku I can watch programming and read comics but that’s it. No community, profile, DC shop, any of the other stuff. Also no browse all options (really the only one I care about I use my phone for all the other stuff). Just wondering if that’s just how it is or if I’m missing something?

Roku is amazing!

The Roku TV DC Universe app leaves some to be desired, but it works for watching the shows. It is not well designed for reading comic books on a large screen though. Ya, you get to see the pages very large, but you have to sit too close to the TV to read the text.

It is better to read the comics on a phone or tablet.

Also, on the Roku app, you cannot see custom lists. You just get “Favorites” and that is it. And no community access at all.

Still, ya get to watch the shows. Big plus there.