Rogues for Batwoman

If you know anything about Batwoman, please list her villains. Does she have so few that the CW will have to create original characters for her series?

I am half expecting batman-esque villians, but mostly as female versions, not unlike Supergirl season 1. E.g., Indigo.

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If the crossover was any indication they will likely use a lot of Batman villains. I know Alice was a Batwoman villain, but guessing that Batman villains will make up a lot of the season.


Okay folks, time for a list.

THE CULT OF CRIME — Batwoman’s original foes from the 52 series, whom she fought alongside Renee Montoya. Includes Bruno Manheim, Whisper A’Daire, Kyle Abbott, and “Alice,” Kate’s long thought dead twin sister. The Cult of Crime sought to sacrifice Kate as part of a prophecy. Also controls a gang of Were-Beasts.

SISTER SHARD — Member of the Cult of Crime with cybernetic enhancements.

MISTER BONES — Radioactive skeleton man and head of the DEO, who Batwoman works for at first but eventually comes into conflict with.

MEDUSA — The mythical Gorgon. Batwoman teamed up with Wonder Woman to take her down originally, but could do so on her own here. Henchmen include Sune Ito, Falchion, and Hook.

LA LLORONA, “THE WEEPING WOMAN” — Single mother tragically transformed into a watery ghost, works for Medusa.

BLOODY MARY — The very same entity from the popular urban legend. Has an arrangement with Medusa.

NYX — The Goddess of Night. Unlikely to appear, IMO, unless they go all in on a supernatural season.

KILLER CROC — Also employed by Medusa’s gang.

Q-BALL — Low level leader of a pool-table themed gang.

WOLF SPIDER — Art thief and wealthy socialite friend of Kate’s. Works for Nathan Grantham.

NOCTURNA — Vampire seductress who enthralls Kate in a rather upsetting story arc.

NIGHT-THIEF — Nocturna’s sometimes partner-in-crime, stepson, and secret lover.

LAMPREY — Arkham inmate with lots and lots of teeth.

GREEN FAIRY — Winged Arkham inmate who can fly and spread hallucinogenic fairy dust.

SCATTER — Arkham inmate who’s more like a man-shaped swarm of bugs.

KILLSHOT — Low level Deadshot wannabe.

MORGAN LE FAY — Arch-enemy of The Unknowns, Batwoman’s short-lived supernatural team featuring Clayface, Ragman, Etrigan, and her sister, then going by “Red Alice.”

COLONEL KANE — Kate’s father and mentor who sometimes gets too ambitious for his own good. In Tynion’s DETECTIVE COMICS, Colonel Kane spearheaded
the “Colony” project to militarize the Batman concept, which could put Kate in conflict with him.

ULYSSES ARMSTRONG, “THE GENERAL” — A consultant on Colonel Kane’s “Colony” project and brilliant hacker and strategist who could easily play into the storyline as well.

THE MANY ARMS OF DEATH — International arms dealing ring that Batwoman deals with in her REBIRTH series. Overseen by “Elder” and “Younger,” a pair of mysterious brokers.

SAFIYAH — Batwoman’s former lover, and a major figure in the Many Arms of Death.

KNIFE — Assassin who works for Safiyah, and another of Safiyah’s lovers.

SCARECROW — Worked to develop fear-based weaponry for the Many Arms of Death.


I’m hoping for Batman villains in addition to Alice (obviously). I’ve read Elegy and really enjoyed it but I don’t know a lot about Batwoman otherwise.

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Not sure about a lot of villains to be used, but i’m sure her dad will make a great recurring villain. With that, if they end up expanding her “team” they need to bring in Tim Drake as a capable member, back from retirement. In so doing they could do the “Batmen” storyline and have him go out like a boss against the drones. Tim hasn’t had any live action representation, and this show provides a good opportunity since he and Kate lead the team in Rebirth’s Detective Comics. (stepping off my soap box now)