Rocksteady's Next Rumored Game

So apparently, a rumor started today that Rocksteady Studios- the guys that made the Arkham series- are NOT in fact working on a Superman game, but a Justice League game. Mind you, this rumor originated from 4chan, which means there’s a 99% chance it’s not true. If it is though, what are your thoughts? Would this be better than a solo Superman game, or shoukd Rocksteady try something a little more doable?


I’d sure prefer a JL game as I would get the option to play as different heroes but a Superman solo game could be fantastic too is done carefully and well

Superman of course. Open world game

A superman solo would be awesome I prefer that then JL right now.

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Hear it turned into a JL game now

I’d prefer a JL game. I want more Wonder Woman in video games besides the titles made by Netherealm Studios.

I don’t care if its a JL or superman game, I want it now!

I’d be happy with it just announced and a trailer with some screenshots but not expecting anything until next year’s E3

I want a JL game that follows the events of arkham knight.

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I’d say between Origins and Arkham Asylum. Arkham Knights ending ruined a lot for me

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They should make green lantern, that has such high potential. Just imagine a progressing storyline that eventually takes you to other planets kinda like destiny. And you unlock and upgrade different manifests that you assign to your buttons. With little cameos here and there. Anything bigger than one character won’t get the love it deserves. And no other person has unlimited possibilities of moves. Name a better choice, I’ll wait