Rocksteady not Making a Superman Game. :(

Rumors circulated again that Rocksteady would announce their next project at the Video Game Awards and it was a Superman spin-off based on the Arkham series. They denied it all and told via Twitter it’s not going to be a Superman game. Could be a ruse or a JLA game, but who knows. Guess if I want to play Supes then it’ll have to be in Injustice for now. :confused:

Personally, I am glad. I just don’t think t would be the same flying around Metropolis as it is gliding around Gotham. They should just make more Batman games. Plenty of material there for exploring.

This doesn’t bother me either - Superman as a video game simply doesn’t appeal to me.

They should make a Wonder Woman game. I’ve been waiting for one :frowning:

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Eh, I prefer Justice League so we can have multiple characters and each being different. The option to switch between Batman, Superman, Flash, Green Lantern and Wonder Woman at any time would be awesome

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damn was looking forward to it as well i love batman but how many more batman games can we actually get why cant we get a flash game or wonder women game or green arrow game i love batman but gotta change it up