Robin X Raven a couple

The only person Damien Wayne cares for is…wait for it…Damien Wayne.

Raven & Damien…more toxic relationship than HQ & The Joker…and that’s saying something.

I disagree. There are no grounds for saying that it would be worse than HQ and J’s relationship. If you’ve studied up on Damian, you’d know that he does care for people. It is just hard for him to express it.

Rachel and Grayson on Titans are a father and daughter relationship.


@Desade I don’t think I need to trot out my Damian hating bonafides here, but jeez. Outta nowhere. Damian’s a lone wolf and he’s not going to snap into full villain mode until he finds out how he was conceived. Why would he even take on partners?


Season 2 takes an inspiration from JLA vs Teen Titans in one respect.

In this case, the Robin forced to join the Titabs is Jason Tood, in exchange for Bruce financing Titans Headquarters.

If your talking about Dick Grayson Titans show robin then no. Maybe just MAYBE Jason doubt it tho. Its most likley Beast Boy. But if you are talking about Damian Wayne from dc animated films thats most likely what will happen but its more likely to be Beast Boy in both

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Raven and Robin/Dick Grayson!?! Hell No!!! Raven and Beast Boy, Robin and Starfire is more like it, that’s the way it should always be.


Also Raven’s way too young for Robin, but not Beast Boy.

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They had more chemistry than Robin and Star or even Raven and Beast Boy, in the cartoon. Was also for Raven and Cyborg after that car episode. With Star and Robin it felt like something that was done out of obligation, and for the most felt one sided until Tokyo. With Beast and Rae, it felt more like a sibling relationship, luckily the lack of romantic chemistry wasn’t paired with forced…well, PAIRING. All their moments never come off romantic.

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All I’m saying is that DW is a complete narcissist. He is. Even more than the “I know I’m always right because I’m Batman.” BW

Being a bigger narcissist than Batman, that is a high bar, but DW constantly exceeds that bar. Alfred needs to put some buckshot into is rear end just out of general principles and maybe it would teach him some manners.

Raven is an empath. If she is going to have a relationship, it needs to be with someone who is emotionally giving. The last thing an empath like Raven needs in a “ship” is a narcissist.


See in the comics it’s always like that they were always super close but never had a intimate relationship

@DeSade Fair enough. I’m saying he’s so egotistical that he wouldn’t even try to start more of a relationship with Raven than was necessary to achieve his mission. Nothing personal.

Fair enough. I think Damien is very much like Bruce, perhaps more so. He can never have or sustain a “ship” because his true ship is “the mission”. In the end his mission might be different than Batman’s, but the mission is the only thing thing that matters.



Artemis debuted in Infinity Inc. #34 in 1987. I’m not sure where you got the idea that she was Young Justice exclusive.

@DeSade On the other hand, I can totally see adolescence hitting Damian hard and it going bad.


Oh I can see a highly hormonal Damien at least trying to manipulate Raven to get a leg over. And yes, it’s probably going to go VERY badly, be there success or failure in getting a leg over.


Honestly Raven and Damien makes so much more sense when compared to beast boy and raven. Raven never though of beast boy as more than a friend that could be annoying a lot. While not saying Damien is perfect I feel they both understand each other well enough to help make each other better.


I think for something different how about Raven x Zatanna

Zatanna can relate to Raven on the magical side of things but is a bit more on the light side to balance out Raven’s dark