:renegade_robins: Robin Rises Omega/ June 2021:renegade_robins:

It’s interesting comparing this resurrection to Jason’s. Both were dramatic in their own ways as well as traumatic and both had some pretty serious side effects as well. I do have to wonder if Damian is really as okay as he seems.

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We’ll find out next month…

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That we will @AlexanderKnox.

And here is our final couple of questions @RenegadeRobinsClub.

  1. Damian & his pets vs the Son of Darkseid. What did you think of the fight?

  2. Did anyone else catch that Alfred the Cat lead Batcow away at one point in this story?

For reference:

And this one too:

Thought it was an interesting detail.

Anywho be sure to tune in next time as we see the aftermath of Damian’s resurrection.

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